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[DevCon2008 (post-chatter)] DevCon2008

Hi James,

I've got 20 rooms set up already that I use to do live online music 
lessons on a daily basis.  I think the existing format of those rooms 
could work very well as they stand.  I'll create a special room just 
for Rebol Devcon.  I'd like to show you what I've got, to see if 
it'd work for your needs.  The audio/video conference software works 
on PC/Mac/Linux, in any browser that has a fairly recent version 
of the flash plugin installed (I believe version 6 onward will work 
- 8+ will definitely work).  Aside from flash, there's no installation 
required to use the system - just go to the designated web page. 
 It will allow anyone in the room to take turns jumping onto the 
mic/camera to speak (admin can ban unwanted users), there's a text 
chat, and I've got a really simple way of sharing screen shots already 
installed in the existing room setup.  It should take only a minute 
or 2 to show presenters how it works...

I've being doing daily live online music lessons as a part of my 
commercial music lesson business for the past 4.5 years, and this 
system is the most stable and simple that I'm aware of.  It'll work 
through just about any router/firewall configuration, and it's dead 
simple to use - visitors just go the url, and they'll hear and see 
the speaker.  If they want to be seen on camera and speak, they just 
need to have a web cam and microphone installed and working.  If 
flash is running in the browser, it'll work immediately, no download 
or installs to do.

There's a video that I send to students which explains a little about 


The online lesson page for my business, which has basic info about 
web cams, microphones, and headphones, is here:


Please let me know if you have any questions :)

> If someone will email me personally, I can start putting together 

> suggestions about how to organize and manage the presentation. 
 I need

> to get an idea of what sort of software components will be needed: 

> white board, text chat, file sharing, 1-to-many/many-to-many video 

> conferencing, etc...  I'd also need to get a close estimate beforehand

> of the number of people attending, to make sure I prepare enough 

> bandwidth and available connections for the live event (If you'd 

> I've got a little Rebol sign-up script that I use in my business 

> let people sign up for events, you're welcome to use that if you'd 

> like, to help organize things).  Please let me know whenever you 
get a 
> chance!
> - Nick Antonaccoio
Nick, I would like to learn more about what you have set up (both 
the system, and even your music lessons in fact).  Please post to 
me your preferred contact info and times.
Very impressive stuff!
just to join the dots.....There is also a DevCon2008 thread on the 
Mailing List:
Nick, that's cool stuff. One question: do you use the Flash Media 
server with a custom app or  an Adobe solution (Acrobat connect pro)?
Maarten, it's FMS with a custum app (one that I've only tweaked slightly 
- not my creation).  Reichart, I worked for a long time towards a 
Rebol videoconference solution, and this just d
completely beat any of my efforts.  It has opened some new interesting 
doors for me, though (now learning Openlaszlo,  Red5 server, some 
Java, and Openmeetings - that's the next best platform and bit of 
 software for this type of work).  I'd love to do more work on Rebol 
videoconferencing some day.  I think it'd be a killer app...
This is my first time posting to Altme - I'm comfortable communicating 
here to organize Devcon activities.  A group demo may be the easiest 
way to prepare, if we can find a convenient common time.  I'm in 
Eastern time zone - during the week, I'm typically free late mornings, 
early afternoons, and then again after 10pm.   I can be reached by 
email at nick ---a t---  musiclessonz ---d o t--- com for anything 
personal :)
[unknown: 5]
Nick, glad to finally see you post.  I assume you usually monitor 
the web output of the this world.  I hope we do eventually get a 
video conferencing solution in REBOL.  I don't see it happening before 
REBOL3 hits though.
just a note - DevCon 2009 is going to happen in Prague, Czech Republic 
- the real devcon, not the virtual one :-)
as for video and REBOL, we are wrapping ffmpeg, so many video formats. 
But of course, having streaming server is completly different topic. 
And yes, video for R3 will be a killer app ...
[unknown: 5]
Thanks for the update Pekr.
Paul - this is private project so far, not related to R3, just to 
be clear ....
Hi Paul - yes, I've been lurking via html :)  Off topic:  I dabbled 
a bit with the Windows API and have a simple working webcam viewer, 
and also a working remote video client that produces usable video 
from simple image refreshes.  I need to explore the audio api to 
understand how to capture and pass audio frames across the net - 
I've got plenty of code from other languages - just need  to convert 
all those api calls to Rebol and see if there are any performance 
issues, but I suspect that a very simple point-to-point app like 
that could work in Rebol2.  To make it practical for real use, there'd 
need to be a little server/repeater app to pass data back and forth 
between clients that are behind routers.  Not so crazy difficult, 
I don't think...
Pekr, it's great to hear that you're wrapping ffmpeg!
To prepare for Devcon, I made a sign up form for 3 dates/times that 
I'm available to do group demo/prep work.  Please add your name if 
you'd like to meet at any of those times.   http://rockfactory.us/events/devcon.html
 .  The meeting room will be http://rockfactory.us/rooms/room20. 
 I'll confirm the times/dates at the above page, once a few people 
have signed up.
[unknown: 5]
NickA, I hope we don't lose you to cyberspace again and you continue 
to contribute here.
Username/Password for the room will be devcon/devcon
I'm as grateful as ever for Rebol, and for this community - like 
many, I've just been consumed by my work schedule...
[unknown: 5]
Well at least you got work Nick.  That is a nice blessing right now.
I'm looking forward to watching Rebol evolve with R3, and hoping 
to play a part :)\
That's true!
[unknown: 5]
Well I'm looking forward to a virtual Devcon.
Great news! Thanks Nick.
A sign up checklist was created to find out who is interested in 
joining us.
We've already got 4 sign ups for next Wednesday, December 17th, noon 
EST, so I've marked it as a confirmed event, and I'll plan on being 
online then to help show how to use the system :)
I have a dental apointment about 1 our in, but will make the first 
Cool stuff...
I'm looking forward to talking with everyone :)*****************

We will be in room20 ( http://rockfactory.us/rooms/room20), and 
the username/password will be devcon/devcon.

Beforehand, to see how the page works, please watch the 10 minute 
YouTube video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sx5qI0GWig(very 
important if you're presenting, to avoid lots of little troubles!) 
Please let me know if there are any questions!
I look forward to meeting and learning more as well...
Cool, just signed up.
Hi Maarten :)   I don't see your name in the list at http://rockfactory.us/events/devcon.html...
LOL, I added it to the tracker here. Ignorant little (little?) me.....
There I am... Really looking forward to this.
I hope the system supports everyone's needs :)
Anyone who wants to speak with me or others on Wednesday should have 
a microphone and headphones already attached to the computer.  Please 
use headphones instead of speakers to avoid echo (echo can get to 
be a really big problem without headphones).  To test your setup, 
including your audio/video, please use this page:  http://rockfactory.us/videos/videogallery_viewer.html
.  Please let me know if you have any questions!
I'll see everyone at noon EST today at http://rockfactory.us/rooms/room20
.  Please have your mic and headphones ready to go!
I'll hopefully be there, I just found out that they are doing maintenance 
on my ADSL this evening. So if I am not there or disapper, you know 
Maarten, if you're there and need to leave quickly, maybe you can 
try out out the system first - it shouldn't take too long to see 
how everything works.  I'll try to get together another time for 
those who can't make it today.
anyone there?
I am
Doesn't work for me, but my connection starts to get flaky. AltME 
works though
Let me try again
Looking for my password...
Got it devcon/devcon
I hear and see Nick perfectly.
See Gab.