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[Plugin-2] Browser Plugins

Yep, understood. That's probably why the current plugin also cannot 
detect 'activate and 'deactivate events when you are focusing/unfousing 
the browser window. Do you think this could be also improved? It 
is useful for application to know when user switched to other window 
than the one with running plugin so it could manage the /View GUI 
appropriately (focusing/unfocusing fields, areas etc.)
Yes...now the question is, does deactivate mean switching outside 
of the browser? or does deactivate meaning switching outside the 
plugin, i.e. to a HTML text box on the page?
I think 'deactivate should mean that the plugin window is loosing 
the 'event focus' ie no mouse/keyboard events are detected. So I 
think it should yield the event in both cases.
I'm surprised you're not getting this event already, because the 
plugin is passing WM_KILLFOCUS/WM_SETFOCUS to REBOL. i'll have to 
investigate that.
In some browser you can focus/unfocus the plugin object using JS 
too so this should be also catched.(I hope this is the same event 
as when you click outside the plugin win)
we'll want to make that a test case when we implement this.
I haven't checked it in the lates plugin version, but it didn't work 
in the odler one...I'll make simple test script so you can play with 
Announcement: REBOL Technologies is pleased to release the beta-6 
version of REBOL/Plugin for Internet Explorer, which is based on 
REBOL/View 1.3.2!
For information about the plugin, and to install or upgrade to the 
1.3.2 plugin, please go to the following URL: http://www.rebol.com/web-plugin.html
This release is only an update to 1.3.2 -- no new features have been 
Also, we have included information about the alpha version of REBOL/Plugin 
for Mozilla-based browsers. As we have mentioned before, this is 
a very early-stage release that contains numerous problems. Please 
do not use it on production machines.
We would love your feedback on both the IE and Mozilla releases. 
Please post specific feature requests and bugs in the corresponding 
checklists here on the Plugin world. And feel free to discuss everything 
here :)
Sorry, I should clarify: Please post in the "Plugin" checks here 
in the REBOL3 world.
It's been a long day. :)
Make that "checklists" Ahh. I need to get off the computer.
networking: i would onlyuse browser forthe same things. if i do a 
"read http://*"in rebol, that is connect/read/disconnect too? If 
something need performance i would use own implementations. Although, 
IIRC when i check cgi-headers, i see usually "keep-alive" from the 
browser. But no expert there.
proxy-parsing: IIRC when i once looked, proxy-settings can be javascript 
which returns the right proxy.
ANd when i am awake again, i check out these plugins .)
cyphre, I already wrote my own event filtering, but had a bit of 
hope that it would be possible to do internally for R3. I just personally 
think it's a bit too high level a place to solve the problem.
wrt own window on top to do the window messages, etc -- I'm all for 
slamming itself on top of the browser, and not going through it to 
embed view.   or make it a "windowed" control, which is how IE does 
SELECT elements.  The complexity there is having it crop to be part 
of the page.  I think wndows media control is like that, where you 
can pick a windowed version, which performs better (probably from 
similar things that you are running into.  MSAgent runs in the browser, 
and is allowed ro roam anywhere on the screen in an irregularly shaped 
winoow.  It also starts a server process which handles all calls 
to the interactions with applications like IE and Office that take 
advantage of that aspect.  It's all asynchronous/multithreaded, and 
shuts down automatically when there are no more client controls to 

The DOM provides screen position information, but the downside is 
that with embedded controls like Adobe SVG viewer and Flash is that 
they will respond correctly to transparency (showing html page background 
through transparent parts of control  -- never got REBOL plugin to 
do that, which has something to do with wmode="transparent"  or something 
Anamonitor demo shows some strange white border at the bottom ...
and under my WindowsXP, the plug-in is obtrusive - while it is installed,I 
get IE message each time, asking me if I want to allow activeX control 
- it happens on main plug-in demo page
imo we should pretty soon decide on the issue of embedding method. 
I don't agree with putting window on top, if it will not allow for 
plugin to be part of tabbing mechanism in browser, simply focusable/unfocusable. 
It would be also nice to get multiple instances per session even 
for 1.3.2 - are you sure it is threading related problem?
And definitely - interactin part - we need that config access plus 
progress bar - without progress bar, it has strange feeling, as you 
can't know, if something is happening or not, which leads you to 
reloading the page ...
RIM does not run here ... in fact, imo if something breaks, then 
no other demo does run ... reload of page does not help - we have 
got some strange problem here ... anyone else observing it?
same here with excess security dialogs.  windows 2000
short report - proxy still not working under IE .....
couldn't I send some args, where would I put set-net? :-)
guys, maybe you coudl fix older demos for new plug-in? There is link 
at the bottom of the page to user demos - bounce demo (Cyphre), and 
Color Lab (Oldes) do not work anymore ... and then there seems to 
be some spame garbage(?), which should be probably removed, if not 
functioning - it will not shed good light on us ...
Anyone had any joy with installing the Plugin with Firefox ?? ..... 
not sure what I am doing wrong here.
Extracting the download into the plugins folder creates a sub-folder 
called rebol-moza1 containing the files.

Tried copying the files out of there back inot the plugins folder 
and  closing & opening firefox, but still no joy :-(
no, no subfolder!
those files need to be placed in \plugins directory directly ...
to know if plug-in works, the version should appear in the plug-in 
app container .... if you are not behind the proxy, script will download 
and app launched ....
mozilla suite here has one problem though - I can run only script 
once - no reload ... to start another script, I have to reopen the 
browser ....
pekr, maybe it's related to how there can be only one instance of 
the plugin running at a time. maybe when reloading, the first instance 
is never shut down
Even after moving the files, deleting the folder and re-startig firefox 
I get the text "Click here to downlaod plugin" text in the container.
philb: what do you see when going to about:plugins in the browser?
A whole load of plugins but nothing for Rebol
and you are sure that you haven't got multiple installations of Mozilla 
and accidentally plopped it into the wrong one?
Pretty sure .... though I did recently re-install firefox (along 
with the rest of Windoze) but installed it into the same folder as 
my previous version.
ScottT that's really interesting....
Mozilla Firefox plugin seems to be working ok for me.
ScottT: Hmmmmm..............
...a thousand thoughts rolling around at once....
If there was a way to make the plugin load up an out-of-process EXE 
rather than an in-process DLL, and if we could load up a new REBOL 
EXE for each new instance of the plugin.....we might be able to solve 
a whole lot of problems at once......for example, multiple instances....
wouldn't that be a security hole?
Yeah, just what I was giong to say. All this window jumping out of 
the browser doesn't seem like the proper way to do it.