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[Announce] Announcements only - use Ann-reply to chat

A tiny news reader http://www.ddmind.com/modules.php?name=gdp_rforum

You can select the group adding the parameter ng:  http://www.ddmind.com/modules.php?name=gdp_rforum&ng=comp.lang.functional

Rebol pluging is used to connect and retrieve message, javascript 
is used to display posts, and as in ajax apps no need to refresh 
the page to get new messages.
PS Should be nice to have a comp.lang.rebol usenet group :-)
dacide thereare usnet rebol newsgroups but they are avoided like 
the plague
Version 1.0.0 of %printf.r posted to rebol.org
[unknown: 9]
The Gripe:

Go here www.Rebol.org, then go here: http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/, 
then here: http://java.sun.com/, hell even go here, http://msdn.microsoft.com/vbasic/, 
now go back to www.Rebol.com

Even if you don't know what the language is or does, do you want 
to go to Rebol.org?  The main page looks like the last page in the 
basement of a website.  Almost like an "error page"

O There is no single location for all Rebol information.

O Rebol.net, Rebol.com, and Rebol.org are spread out and run by RT. 
O There is no pizzas!
O I don't "feel" community when I visit these sites.

I know I'm not talking to my audience when I say; "think of this 
like a night club" but this is what this is all about.  People want 
to "be where the fun is happening."  Even programmers.

My Suggestion:

O We need a site controlled by the developers.

O We need a forum where people can bitch and meet each other, and 
feel welcome.

O The site needs to have a consistent dynamic attractive template.

O The site needs to be a clearing house for all other sites.  Teach 
and directing people to all the resources.

O The site needs to paint a picture as opposed to describe everything 
with a thousand words.

What is entailed:

O Start a new site, I would propose "RebolCentral.com"  I'm willing 
to pay for it, but I don't want to be in charge of it, I suggest 
we make it a committee.

O The main page should cover every topic and reason anyone would 
come to the site.  This means we support every country and other 
site.  The idea here is a clearing house of centralized information. 

O News: The site needs to gather news worthy information and post 
that at the top.  The site is not alive unless people have a way 
to post their information.  This means that there needs to be at 
least one editor, if not several that share the task.  Every time 
a product is updated, the new features are mentioned.  When Carl 
updates his blog, it gets a single sentence directing people there, 
unless it is news of a release of something.  Etc.

O Product Reviews:   This is key.  Products need to be rated, reviewed, 
categorized, voted on.

O Video Archive: All the videos of all the talks ever given   

O Tutorials:  there are a lot of tutorials out there, but which are 
best?  We need to review the tutorials, rate them by Beginner, Intermediate, 

O Forum: Start with major topics, and then break it down.  The forum 
needs to direct people to other countries, or support the other countries 
right in the forum.  Great simple forum: http://discussion.treocentral.com/index.php?styleid=1

O Respect the real estate.  The #1 mistake people make is treating 
their websites like just pages.  This is just like real estate, location 
location location.  We need to place the content based on where people 
are going.  So you build the basic site, watch it for a couple of 
weeks, then shift things around based on where people are actually 

O More art, more photos, more community.   It needs to feel inviting: 

Stone soup:

I will pay for, host, and supply a fast linux system (w/archive). 

I will help design the templates, and provide (and buy if needed) 
great art for the site.

I will not run the site, nor control the content, but I expect there 
to be in place all the items outlined above, set up in a manner that 
it a) runs itself, b) puts the power in the hands of the developers.
New MySQL driver version 1.0.0 supporting servers v4.1.1+ : http://softinnov.org/tmp/mysql-protocol.r
. This is a beta release, please report in MySQL channel any bugs. 
This release has not been tested with servers v3.x (but should work).
RebDB v2.0.2 released: http://www.dobeash.com/it/rebdb/

This release fixes a critical bug with multi-column DISTINCT statements 
that can cause incorrect query results to be returned. The bug was 
eventually tracked down to the behaviour of unique/skip in REBOL, 
so developers making use of unique/skip should be aware of this [somewhat 
unexpected] behaviour:

	>> unique/skip [1 "A" 1 "B"] 2
	== [1 "A"]
	>> unique/skip ["A" 1 "B" 1] 2
	== ["A" 1 "B" 1]

If someone could cross-post this to the ML that would be much appreciated.
Any chance getting 'select implemented? :-)
Viewtop-extenders: To get started: launch-thru/update http://polly.rebol.it/test/site-desktop.r

That desktop does not ask security-questions, some pathes patched.

That way you can put a personalized desktop on your site, which can 
be launched from the real one. It patches the inbuild one, so size 
is 1242 bytes.
Cookies-daemon script bug fixed: http://box.lebeda.ws/~hmm/rebol/cookies-daemon_latest.r
ReViewer 2.2, come back after 2 years of inactivity...!   http://www.digicamsoft.com/ReViewer.exe
  Any feedback welcome on !DigicamSoft.
>> unique [["A" 1] ["B" 1]]
== [["A" 1] ["B" 1]]

That's correct.
New version of SQL-PROTOCOL is published on http://www.rebol.org/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/rebol/view-script.r?script=sql-protocol.r

This new version is a first attempt of standard SQL string parsing. 
It's limited yet to SELECT clause. INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE will 
be done soon. Previously, sql-protocol was only able to process SQL 
like dialect, the road to a better compatibility with SQL is now 
a reality. I will make it compatible with MySQL as much as possible.
I remember you that sql-protocol is able to process SELECT, INSERT, 
UPDATE and DELETE,  and CREATE or DROP TABLE query and is able to 
join tables. ORDER BY and LIKE are supported but GROUP BY, COUNT, 
MAX and all other statistical functions are not yet supported.

It can be also compatible with Microsoft ODBC Text Driver database 
(Delimited, CSVDelimited and TABDelimited tables) so you can share 
your database with other ODBC applications, like for example Excel 
to produce pivot table or pivot chart, or Word to produce letters 
and mailing.
Little goodie for Windows users: http://www.colellachiara.com/soft/Misc/clips.r

It will stay in your system tray and keep track of your clipboard 
(remembers the last 5 clips). They are saved in a file so you get 
them back across reboots. You can also add notes that won't get pushed 
out from the clips. Selecting a note or a clip will copy it back 
to your clipboard so that you can paste it wherever you want.
Gabriele: got this when i tried clips.r    Script Error: Invalid 
path value: awake
** Near: system/ports/system/awake: func [port /local msg] [
    while [msg: pick port 1] [
        if find/match msg [tray main ...
are you using view 1.3.2?
yes,is that a problem ?
no, it should work fine. i'm using that too :)
Apollo 1.4.0 released: http://home.tiscali.dk/john.niclasen/apollo.zip

A lot of new pictures have been released since the last version of 
my Apollo program 2 years ago. Unpack the zip archive and start apollo.r. 
The indexes for apollo 7-17 missions doing the years 1968-1972 will 
be created, the first time, the program is started. The GUI has been 
updated and new features include option to update the indexes at 
any time by the click of a button. The pictures are a collection 
of the pictures released on the website: http://www.apolloarchive.com/
Have fun!
Btw. the rebol-script loadthumbs.r included in the apollo.zip can 
be used to download all thumbnail pictures to be used in the program. 
Run it after the indexes have been created by apollo.r. By downloading 
all the thumbs, the apollo.r program will be faster when used. All 
the thumbs are almost 30MB!
Just announcing that I am alive and well and just flat out busy, 
which has reduced my chat time, but the good thing is I am doing 
more effective business development AND technical development in 
REBOL.  Didn't want anyone to think I was gone or hibernating.  Since 
I work in specific, proprietary vertical markets, my stuff generally 
goes where the sun don't shine...;-)
...but thanks to those who ask me if I am OK...just spending more 
of my time with more e-Fish-Ant-Sea!
BTW, now eFishAntSea is a Registered Trademark...so I get to put 
the little r with a circle (now that could be OnT for Announce, eh?)
REBOL is a great technology.  eFishAntSea is the name for solutions 
which REBOL enables...that is how the words fit together in the crossword 
puzzle of branding... 0-o-o<
Hello, I would like to announce the availability of  Simetrics on 
rebol.org. This library implements a few effective and widely used 
metrics for measuring string similarity and for searching documents 
amongst a large collection of documents. A extensive documentation 
is also available on rebol.org and a discussion forum has been opened.
françois, why not a forum here on altme ?
Yes, why not, but i do not want to pollute with forums that would 
not concerned much people...
[Please respond to announcements in Ann-Reply]
Offline reader for Altme Chat Group : http://membres.lycos.fr/didec/rebol/altme-chat-reader.r
As some seems to search for it.

It can be used to read an entire chat group or to export its content 
in html. There is a command line syntax for automatic export (ie. 
with batch/cron job).
We are planning an SDK 2.6.3 build (also View 1.3.3 Core 2.6.3)  
- If you have an important bug that you need fixed, please be sure 
to tell us about it.  Follow the note below:
1) be sure that the bug is listed in RAMBO and that you have a clear 
way to show how to make it happen.
2) if you have a solution, by all means, add it to your report (it 
is so much faster to fix those!)
3) contact Gabiele Santilli and tell him that you think it is a critical 
bug.  He will collect the bugs, and determine the initial priorities 
for implementation.
You can reach him at email on rebol.com if necessary. (I do not put 
his email address here to avoid spam harvesting).
We may also be bringing up a special feedback channel for this usage. 
If we do, I will note it here.
Is Rebol.dll being rebuilt as well?  Does the current rebol.dll have 
New version of SQL-PROTOCOL is on www.rebol.org

This new version handle now standard SQL string for SELECT, INSERT, 
UPDATE and DELETE so you have a better compatibility with other database 
like MySQL, Oracle or ODCB protocol.
Martin Johannesson has updated his great HyperNotes. Some bugs were 
fixed. Get it here -- http://hem.bredband.net/martinjohannesson/hypernotes/
Re: Gabrielle's clip.r ..... if you select a clip follwed by a tab 
a blank console window pops up.

This isnt part of clip.r .... I think its a Rebol bug .... can anyone 
verify this ?
For anyone interested ... I have hacked an update to clip.r to the 
edit facility to allow removal of persistent clips that are no longer 
do http://box.lebeda.ws/~hmm/rebol/irc-core-client_latest.r
excellent ....
[unknown: 5]
Thanks for the comment in that script Oldes.  REBBOT was one of my 
first little networking projects - as the code should have proved 
may be a birthday present for me on May 2 ?
The Library Tag Team will be holding the second annual Library Tagging 
Conference in Birmingham, England in the third week in July. Book 
now to avoid dissapointment.
I am happy to announce that my wife deliver last night a beautiful 
baby boy "Tadeo Dimitrios", he wighted 10 lbs. 4 oz., and measuerd 
22 inches. Both the baby and the mother and perfect healthy condition. 
I will be posting pictures soon. :-)
Jaime that is wonderful!  hope to not see you as much as you take 
care of them both