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ANN: Rugby again, whiping out SOAP

 [1/12] from: allenk:powerup:au at: 7-Sep-2001 21:50

Maarten, I've added an LDC Dev to the forums of RF. So people can ask questions there about RUGBY or other REBOL Lightweight Distributed Computing issues. Cheers, Allen K

 [2/12] from: m:koopmans2:chello:nl at: 7-Sep-2001 14:05

Thanks, I'l try to check that on a regular basis. --Maarten

 [3/12] from: mario:cassani:icl at: 7-Sep-2001 13:08

Hi Allen,
> I've added an LDC Dev to the forums of RF. So people can ask > questions > there about RUGBY or other REBOL Lightweight Distributed > Computing issues.
on the main page the link is missing. Mario

 [4/12] from: m:koopmans2:chello:nl at: 6-Sep-2001 20:57

Thank you (and the others) for the kind replies. The thing to realize with Rebol is that you can easily manipulate blocks (as data), send them, save them, and then... execute them. Rugby does this, with some I/O stuff to keep the performance good. Once you get more into Rebol, you'll find that you have an implementation the minute you understand your problem. It is a road well worth travelling. Other examples you may find instructive are: -erebol , an embedded rebol code evaluator in 30 lines. I have written that one to be able to do with Rebol what others do with PHP. - contract , which makes design by contract possible. You can find both scripts in the script lib. --maarten

 [5/12] from: greggirwin:starband at: 6-Sep-2001 16:44

Maarten, << - contract , which makes design by contract possible. >> Yeah, I've gone through it a couple times but I need to get up to speed. I'm a huge fan of Design By Contract (even wrote classes for VB to do it) and most of Meyer's other stuff, like Linnean naming conventions. --Gregg

 [6/12] from: cyphre:volny:cz at: 6-Sep-2001 16:26

Hi Maarten, Great work!! I will probably use your Rugby in some of my next projects. keep doing the Rebolution! Cyphre

 [7/12] from: m:koopmans2:chello:nl at: 6-Sep-2001 16:36

Thanks! I hope many follow.... --maarten

 [8/12] from: mario:cassani:icl at: 6-Sep-2001 17:09

Hi Maarten, I wanted to test your excellent work with the following: (one line of code one empty line to easily find line wraps) 8<---------------------------------------------------------- REBOL [Title: "DisplayServer" Date: 6-Sep-2001/17:38:48] auto-clear: true RemoteDisplay: layout [ size 200x125 at 25x5 vh1 "Remote Display" 153x28 at 20x45 FARDisplay: field "Field" 165x40 240.240.240 bold font-size 30 font [name: "courier new"] ] do %../rugby.r append-display: func [ f ] [ if auto-clear [clear FARDisplay/text FARDisplay/color: snow auto-clear: false] append FARDisplay/text f show FARDisplay return f ] clear-display: does [ FARDisplay/text: copy "0" auto-clear: true show FARDisplay return 0 ] ;Start serving serve [ append-display clear-display ] view RemoteDisplay 8<---------------------------------------------------------- Can you (or some /view expert) explain me why the GUI is not shown? Xie xie nimen Mario

 [9/12] from: m:koopmans2:chello:nl at: 6-Sep-2001 18:49

Reverse your last two lines to match this: view/new RemoteDisplay serve [ ... ] The problem is that you start the event loop when calling serve, so the code never reaches your view call. HTH, Maarten

 [10/12] from: etienne:alaurent:free at: 6-Sep-2001 18:53

Hi, Maarten, Fantastic work :-)) I think I will use Rugby for P2P approach in VIRTUAL Office. Great !! Cheers --- Etienne

 [11/12] from: greggirwin:starband at: 6-Sep-2001 12:04

Thanks Maarten! I can't wait to get beyond the crawling stage. You true rebols are amazing. The stuff you, Allen, Anton, and others can do is just mind blowing. --Gregg

 [12/12] from: koopmans:itr:ing:nl at: 6-Sep-2001 14:54

All, Excuses for the title but after just finishing a release I'm just too happy. Rugby is a SOAP like thing on steroids. You can find it at with documentation and samples Its features: - Built in encryption: use 128 bit blowfish message encryption.It is built-in. - HTTP tunneling: all Rugby servers have a little HTTP server on board. So your Rugby requests can get through firewalls and proxies. - OneLiner technology. Rugby-enable standalone code with just one line! And import a remote service with one line of code as well. Rugby takes care of all the difficult stuff for you. - Dynamic proxy generation. - Runs out of the box on any Rebol interpreter, so it runs on 42 hardware/OS combinations. Now that is cross-platform! Graphics integration with Rebol/View for node based (P2P programming). -Oneway messaging. -Deferred messaging: send now and check later for the result. Enjoy your P2P and distributed programming, Maarten