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Mix effect

 [1/5] from: ptretter::charter::net at: 22-Mar-2006 16:53

Can someone direct me to the documentation on the 'mix effect? I can't find anything about this effect. Paul Tretter

 [2/5] from: rebolek::gmail::com at: 23-Mar-2006 9:27

Hi Paul, try this, I think it's self-explaining.
>> view layout [image help.gif image info.gif image help.gif effect [mix
info.gif] image info.gif effect [mix help.gif]] (those *.gif images are inbuild in REBOL) bye, Rebolek On 3/23/06, <> wrote:
> > Can someone direct me to the documentation on the 'mix effect? I can't > find anything about this effect. > > Paul Tretter > -- > To unsubscribe from the list, just send an email to > lists at with unsubscribe as the subject. >
-- / Boleslav Brezovsky \

 [3/5] from: ptretter::charter::net at: 23-Mar-2006 5:56

Hi Rebolek, Yeah I understand it is mixing the images. This 'mix effect is found in the over feel for btn style for example and is used to apply the outer "glow" image to the btn face. I was looking at that feel object when I noticed the 'mix effect. If you make a gradient effect for example on the btn face it fails to properly apply the 'mix effect it seems. I suppose we don't have access to the effect handling to determine the problem? For RT I suppose to fix? Paul ---- Boleslav Brezovsky <> wrote:

 [4/5] from: anton::wilddsl::net::au at: 26-Mar-2006 12:09

Hi Paul, I think you mean when you specify an effect of your own the default effect is lost. I think the EXTEND effect was lost, which means MIX actually mixed the gradient at normal size with the glow image at a small size (un-extended). EXTEND is added near the end of the BTN init code:
>> probe svv/vid-styles/btn/init
... ... if all [image not effect] [ effect: copy [] if color [repend effect ['colorize color depth]] repend effect ['extend image/size/2] ] ... And you can see the OVER looks for 'extend to position the MIX correctly. It works without the EXTEND, and it does not add it if it is not there.
>> print mold get in svv/vid-styles/btn/feel 'over
func [face act evt][ remove/part find face/effect 'mix 2 if act [ evt: any [find face/effect 'extend tail face/effect] insert evt reduce ['mix face/images/3] ] show face ] Note that GRADIENT is kind of a "blanket" effect. It overwrites the rendering image without any kind of blending or consideration for prior effects. I think you might be happier with GRADCOL: layout [ btn "custom effect" with [ append init [append effect [gradcol]] ] ] Regards, Anton.

 [5/5] from: ptretter::charter::net at: 26-Mar-2006 14:55

Thanks Anton. Yeah I didn't investigate it much further. I figured it was something along those lines based on the way the mix effect was being rendered. That is good info if I need a somewhat similiar work around with the gradcol effect. Paul