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[REBOL] Re: Interesting Article on repurposing software

From: bry:itnisk at: 29-Oct-2003 12:55

>>Behind the scenes, we can generate whatever we want, but from an >>interaction perspective, what is the best solution or the most natural >>way to work with this kind of information? >The problem is not generating data from a customer's input, the problem >is working with data that a customer has elsewhere. It could be a >database, it could be twenty thousand word files they've got lying >around.
By the way, this all makes me think of something I was considering adding into the website generation part of our product. Websites have the possibility of having different modules, for example a mime-type module which analyzes various xml formats and returns the mime-type for the xml document, so that if you have a file with an rss extension that is RDF 1.0 you get the proper mime-type back. One module we have returns folder structure as xml, this then gets consumed by the front-end display module. I was thinking that I could make a rebol generation module, basically cause it might be a cool way to build the structure for other stuff later: So for example if one went to submappath=stuff (the website generation app allows you to generate either php, asp, or aspx based sites) it would give you the folders files, etc at the location of something like Rebol[Title: "Generated FolderStructure"] Rootpath: Folders: ["folder1" "mycoolfolder"] Files: ["file.xml"] Resources: ["file"] ; files can have resources found in a folder at the same ;level with _files in the title, so if file.xml has a resource it will be ;found in a folder at the same level called file_files. Fmx: true ; if the folder has a file found in it called index.fmx it is used by the filebrowser module to put in welcoming text for that folder, and to point at resources specifically used by the folder. Other types of xml documents, data sources, modules etc. when consumed by the rebollers front would return variant rebol scripts. So that for example a vcard xml format would return the information for a persons vcard in rebol consumable format, calendar information the same, etc. A very old, beta version of the products generated sites can be found at Here's an example of the filebrowser module in display format: project_web&page=Filebrowser.asp&submappath=xsd anyway, if websites were common that did this - which of course they aren't as yet ;) , would people here find it a good tool? If so, does anyone have any particular wants for what kind of rebol should be returned from the following formats: 1. rss newsfeed 2. excel xml workbook 3. a blog calendar, showing posts for various dates of the year. 4. an events calendar, showing upcoming events. Also in discussing the mimetype module above, where it returns the mime-type of a resource, one of the things it does with vcard for example is return a vcard in the vcf structure employed by most emailers. Currently I'm working on a maillist service which converts emails to xml, & posts them to a site. If one gets an xml file that has been converted from email, should one have the possibility of requesting it output as email? Should it be output as email by default?