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[REBOL] Re: How-To promote REBOL?

From: jasonic:cunliffe:verizon at: 27-Dec-2001 0:10

Hi Yek Soon I think Gregg's answer was right on.. Don't forget: REBOL is FUN! Why is REBOL fun ? - Interactive CLI development - Missing most of the wired syntax and punctuation which lcutters up other languages - Intuitive 'forward-forth' structure whicc evokes nautral language and 'net-streaming mind - Great Community - It is something new, elegant, different and interesting
> For a start, I have these in mind and would like to hear from the
> their opinions. > 1. Rapid development > 2. Graphical user interface > 3. Cross-platform applications > 4. Standard network protocol support > 5. The REBOL community
Yes good. + very __tiny__ footprint for system + scripts + very very easy to install [compare Unix or Windows headaches avoided] + low cost! + well timed for people-people development
> Others reason which I am not too sure if REBOL fits the bill > - Extensible applications
.. are not all langauges..? what do you really mean here?
> - Flexible integration > Is it easy for REBOL to call Java, C, VB etc... or vice-versa
Good Question REBOL/Command has 'call'
> - Enterprise Ready > What is required for REBOL to be considered Enterprise Ready?
[duh:] A business must use it ? seriously: Security and ODBC features in REBOL/Command are plus, but lack of many REBOL progammers in Job market minds may be an obstacle.
> - Easy to learn > Seems subjective, but so far I find it easy enough to learn from the codes > of other people > and learn through trial-n-error and more importantly getting help from the > community.
I agree, but documentation lacks especially View/VID
> I would appreciate any feedback on the TOP 10 reasons. > Thanks > YekSoon
I think you should be prepared for answering potential negatives questions too: 1. documentation [is scattered adn laggin behind tech deevlopment, the official book has NO INDEX = amateurs yikes!!!! ++ the RT web site is still pretty lame with big holos in it, funky links, and lots missing] 2. low-profile [never heard of it.. or not for several years] 3. proprietary kernel source 4. lack of books or recent media coverage [try google adn you will see what I mean] 5. very small community [see Enterprise above] good luck ./Jason