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[REBOL] Re: How-To promote REBOL?

From: sunandadh:aol at: 27-Dec-2001 10:17

Good stuff, David,
> Problem with this approach is that you are defining YACT (Yet Another > Cool Technology) - and if you are dealing with corporate buyers you are > highly likely to get a big cynical yawn. I would suggest you need to > define your need / requirements, match Rebol's requirememnts to it and > then note how much better overall it is than completing tools - ie, > what is Rebols fitness for purpose relative to other technologies
And Yek Soon, it's worth remembering four of the basic rules for any sales presentation: 1. Highlight benefit statements not features A feature is a flat statement of some aspect of the thing you are selling: * Has chrome alloy wheels! * Dual power supply!! * Starring Brad Pitt!!! * Built-in SMTP support!!!! A benefit statement is a reason why your audience will benefit from the feature. It adds a "so what clause" to the feature: * Has chrome alloy wheels so it's as strong, but half the weight and will never rust * Dual power supply, so you can use it anywhere in the world * Starring Brad Pitt, so your fiancee will definitely want to go see it too * Built-in SMTP support, so no need to supply third-party add-ons. But it's only a benefit if it is a benefit to your audience (if they are never going to leave Kansas, the dual power supply may be plain irrelevant). 2. NEVER knock the opposition Show how your product is better than the opposition in ways that appeal to your audience without belittling the opposition. Many in your audience probably make a career out of being specialists in "opposition" technologies: tell them they are wrong and they'll just switch off. This means you need to know the strengths of Rebol compared to whatever the audience is likely to suggest as alternatives (C#, Perl, Python. Ruby, TEL, VB. etc). Which is fair enough. You are recommending Rebol for a reason which means you have evaluated the field and decided on Rebol for a reason. 3. Never give too many reasons If you list 10 reasons why Rebol is better then, inevitably, reasons 6 and onwards are weaker than your top 5. Given a hostile or indifferent audience, they'll unpick your case from the weakest link upwards. Better give them three solid benefits. If they suggest others that's great: it shows they are on your side. 4. Don't ask for too much in one go No one is going to switch their entire company over to a new language in one go. If you ask for that, you'll end up with nothing. Suggest a couple of small R&D-style projects that Rebol can be field tested on. No one's going to say no to that if the company has any sense of adventure. And good luck! Sunanda.