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[REBOL] Re: read ftp:// error

From: gjones05:mail:orion at: 1-Jun-2001 7:20

Hi, Thorsten, Sterling, Volker, Brett, This volleyball game now spans the globe. Brett, you are really going to have to hit the ball hard from "Down Under" BH> I just want to comment on the patching process. BH> I recognise that you made the decision to leave BH> out the check which I respect. ... Brett, thank you for being so diplomatic. My decision for this final beta was based more on fatique than anything else. I've not messed with version checking before, so when I started setting up the different product and version checks, I realized that it was going to get involved. I wanted to get the script-patch posted so that Thorsten could give it a test drive in his morning. BH> But I think it should be highlighted for people that BH> are maybe new to this concept that patches BH> introduce risk of unexpected/unpredictable BH> behaviour if the right set of remote circumstances BH> arise - which is generally considered by BH> pessimists/realists guaranteed to happen :-) I absolutely agree that before this is submitted to some "patch library" (is there such a beast?), the product-version checking is a better idea. You've set up a nice framework in the patches.r file. I'm trying to grok the content (like using 'use); lot's to learn, but Thorsten's theorem and Brett's bric-a-brac and Volker's volleys and Sterling's stuff are giving me lots of good material. Thanks. (I was struggling with the rhymes, as is probably obvious.) VN> Sorry. I thought you used full source for better patching. VN> it was Thorsten who asked for a shorter version. Yes, we were hacking on the full source; it is easier for lead-poisoned people like me to see what I am doing. Originally I envisoned leaving the hacked scheme as a separate file, like I did with the ESMTP version of SMTP. But I realized that since "all the code is just data", that there's got to be a way to poke the part need into the code. I highly suspected that someone had done this before, but I couldn't remember seeing it on the list nor on all the sites that I have viewed. Again, fatique kept me from doing another search, so I started kacking and came up with my one liner. VN> Of course i should wait for you to tell, VN> but there was the ball, quick coming, iam VN> standing ready.. ;-) Yes, those "spiked balls" come fast. VN> Playing with the parts of my swiss-knife, for the nice part: VN> VN> p: second get in system/schemes/ftp/handler 'parse-files VN> p: first find/tail p [add-date: func[]] VN> insert next p [convert-month] VN> ? p Your version (and Brett's) is infinitely easier to read (OK, maybe not inifinitely; just more like 1/0.0000000001; I'm prone to exageration sometimes ;-). There is no doubt about it, I've got to get me a Swiss knife just like yours!!! SJ> My surgical insertion tool is admittedly fragile in that it is SJ> not checking for versions. I started out putting in a version SJ> checker, but left it out in the end. If this "blowout" will be SJ> fixed in the next release, then the user would have to SJ> specifically remember to remove this patch from the user.r SJ> file or risk corrupting the code. VN> The saw and the screwdriver and the - ah here: VN> v: system/version VN> v/4: v/5: 0 VN> if 1.2.0 <> v [request/confirm "BANG?"] VN> ;write/append %hidden-patches-log "i patched ftp-scheme!!" Got to get me one of those knives! Here was the framework that I put together: if either system/view [ equal? rejoin [system/version/1 "." system/version/2] "1.2"][ equal? rejoin [system/version/1 "." system/version/2] "2.5"][ ;do stuff here ] While it seemed to work, I started thinking about /Command and /Express (nee Link), and started thinking that I was in over my head for how tired I was feeling. Hence, leaving the product-version stuff out. Combining the if and either works but suffers from readability (I've never quite figured out how to indent this type of construct for maximum understandability). TM> the only thing i can say is WELL DONE, works great. TM> Just inserted your script into my user.r and off we go, TM> without any problems. Thanks. TM> I kept my self informed that i am using a patched TM> version of REBOL with adding... I am not sure that it is attention-grabbing enough. Just joking! :-) TM> after your script. It is enough for me cause i am TM> mainly working on the console. For apps running TM> in quiet mode this won't be enough. With a slight alteration, it can be made to work with /Core or /View ftp-patch-alert: {++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ATTENTION - ATTENTION - ATTENTION + Your ftp-scheme has been patched to suit international abbreviations. + Please remove this patch from your user.r if you upgrade to a higher + Version in which the problem is fixed by REBOL-Technologies!! + ATTENTION - ATTENTION - ATTENTION + ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++} either system/view [ request/ok ftp-patch-alert ][ print ftp-patch-alert ] TM> Disabling the patching by Version verification could be TM> a problem as we don't know the next Version numbers TM> and if the Problem will be fixed in this Release. So, the TM> earliest date we can make the patching related to Versions TM> is when these Versions are out and we could be sure that TM> the problem is fixed. Excellent points! TM> Do you have any other suggestions? No, I really don't. I've truly not had enough experience in this sort of thing. All I would know to do would be to make the patch as specific as possible to products-versions, so that it wouldn't accidentally trash incompatible versions. I would think it would be easier to patch the patch if needed, than have someone spend countless hours tracking down something that was only due to a patch. I will gladly defer to anyone else in this area. Sterling, Volker, Brett? I take on these types of challenges because it helps me to improve my skills and it contributes to the community. Like the ESMTP scheme, I suspect that few will actually need this patch, but I don't know. I do know that for every person who speaks up, there are probably ten others with the same problem who don't speak up. So we never know how many people give up on REBOL just because their first FTP session failed just because the server file dates were localized. This may sound overly dramatic, but when a product line promotes itself as making easy things easy, well, FTP should clearly fall into the easy category. Yes? I am glad that the patch worked. I enjoyed working with you on this mini-task. And thanks to all for the nifty things you taught me! --Scott Jones