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[REBOL] Re: replace question

From: joel:neely:fedex at: 18-May-2001 22:23

Winston Ng wrote:
> How do you replace several tag markers in a document with > their corresponding texts from text files? >
One at a time.
> I did the following and it did not work: > > The idea is to replace markers with different texts > > replace1: read %replace1.r ;simple texts > replace2: read %replace2.r ;simple texts > body: read %body.r ;contains the markers > markers: ["<--tag1-->" <--tag2-->"] > items: [replace1 replace2] > > replace body markers items ;this did not work, no error >
Ask REBOL...
>> ? replace
USAGE: REPLACE target search replace /all /case DESCRIPTION: Replaces the search value with the replace value within the target series. REPLACE is a function value. ARGUMENTS: target -- Series that is being modified. (Type: series) search -- Value to be replaced. (Type: any) replace -- Value to replace with. (Type: any) REFINEMENTS: /all -- Replace all occurrences. /case -- Case-sensitive replacement. ...and notice that the SEARCH and REPLACE arguments are described as "value" in the singular. To do multiples, just wrap the replace in a loop that walks through your blocks in parallel: mreplace: func [s [series!] rfrom [block!] rto [block!]] [ while [not any [tail? rfrom tail? rto]] [ replace/all s rfrom/1 rto/1 rfrom: next rfrom rto: next rto ] s ]
>> test: "this*is*a*$*in*a*string*called*$"
== "this*is*a*$*in*a*string*called*$"
>> mreplace test ["*" "$"] [" " "test"]
== "this is a test in a string called test"
Hope this helps! -jn- ------------------------------------------------------------ Programming languages: compact, powerful, simple ... Pick any two! joel'dot'neely'at'fedex'dot'com