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[REBOL] Re: Who read this mailing list?

From: carl:cybercraft at: 23-Nov-2007 20:47

On Friday, 23-Novenber-2007 at 7:36:53 Tim Johnson wrote,
>On Thursday 22 November 2007, Carl Read wrote: > >> >The PL that I consider an alternative to rebol is newlisp. If you look at >> >their forum, you will see that Lutz Miller - the developer of newlisp - >> >participates almost daily in the community. >> >> I had a quick look at its FAQ and the thought struck me. Would it >> understand this? (hello "world" 9 $80.00 3x2 10:20 1-Jan-2001 >> here-there.not) etc... >PLs each have their own strengths and weakneses, and one of rebol's >strengths is the variety of datatypes and how they can be applied, one of >newlisps strengths is the involvement of the developer IMHO
It's open-source, (and probably has been from day one?), which I'm sure changes completely where the stress is applied to the creator of a language. But regardless, their personality (and world-view) will always effect how they interact with the community that builds up around their language.
>> And of course, is there a View equivalent? >of course there is and it appeals to me more than view (I never have used >view)
Well, so far, the only two screenshots I've found are the two on the front page. I've since found this... which gives a list of its GUI/graphic modules, but not a screenshot among them. Are they just calls to the OS's GUI resources? As if so, then they're not a View equivalent. As to View, it's where I start any REBOL program that's to use it for its GUI. Developing it in tandem with the main code helps to ensure they don't get out of synch with each other.
>My needs are to a great degree based on the fact that I own and >operate a small business with two partners. What I do has to in some >degree mesh with my partners and I have a business plan that takes >that into account. My choices come down to the mixture of the >pragmattic, the contractual and the aesthetic and should they differ >from yours, they don't make mine better than yours or vice versa, >just different. My needs and my opinions should they differ from someone >else here are because my needs and my opions are different, not to >be construed to be better.
Needs can differ and still all be valid, but not necessarily opinions! (See the 'Looking up the power continuum' thread.) My rule of thumb with discussions along these topics is that "The customer is always right." Which doesn't quite mean what most think it means, but instead that if your product or service isn't reaching the market-share as you hoped it would, then it's not the customers who're wrong, but your product or service or its marketing or something you (and not the customers) control.
>However: I have always got the impression that RT promises more than >it delivers and sometimes I get the feeling that someone has come down >from a mountain with some golden tablets, dropped them at our feet for >all do decipher and them gone back into the clouds. Newlisp *seems* more >democratic to me. IMHO
You're right there, customer...
>That's all I have to say on this subject.
Quitter! ;-) -- Carl Read.