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[REBOL] R: Re: Who read this mailing list?

From: gchillemi:aliceposta:it at: 26-Nov-2007 20:25

> Don't get me wrong, but I think you should decide for > yourself, if REBOL is the right (safe) tool for you? Look - > we can agree upon the fact, that RT should have more > developers. You know, it, I know it, others might know it. > But - does it help to just state it? Do you think RT can > magically contract 10 developers full time? I believe that if > Carl would have that resources, he would do so. And - I don't > buy that open-source arguments - do you think that open > sourcing R3 nowadays would gain us 10 of quality R3 coders? > If so - go and send them to finish Orca, the clone.
Petr, this message is really open mindend and honest. It is clear you have understood the situation of our community and Rebol Tech. Carl is giving every single penny and personal force into his project which is Rebol but also the syster company because if Rebol failed as commercial success he needs a form of revenues too. I don't think too that releasing the core as open source would help the development. As you pointed in this message, "Give 10 developers to Orca" and you will have the free Rebol. The most important thing is to keep the faith and be positive. If there is the need for a "Full Scale Commercial Company", as Alessandro think it for its Projects, Rebol is not the right choice at the present time. But I suppose, excuse me Alessandro, that he his simply unsatisfied of the actual state of the situation. I understand this but I don't agree with the position of constant complaining. People are humans and Gabriele, Cyphre, Carl and all the other involved deserve our respect for the amount of work done as gift for the community. If I was Carl I would even consinder giving up Rebol at all because I suppose it does not generates the revenues expected in the business plan but he is still here for personal reason and emotive involvment into the project; it is his son.
> What Gabriele stated here, is very fair. I am not even sure > it was appropriate to disclose such things in public. But > believe him. If he says he wrote VID3 prototype in few weeks, > he is not probably lying. If he thinks that finishing it will > take some 3 months, he is probably right too. He is now under > contract with another party, but If I am not wrong, he is on > his way to US to meet with Carl and Cyphre to discuss further > R3 plans.
The community is so small that we can consider ourself part of a Family, and it is Carl's family. To be honest I could give up Rebol too and concentrate on other languages and products but I will follow Rebol because R2 is still a productive programming enviromnent and because I feel in someway part of the group. Now we all know the situation and I repeat myself: complaining is only a way to sink the whole project bringing to the people negative sensations and the willingness to depart from it. The best thing we can do is cooperate into the development (if it possible and in our potential) and keep the faith. Develpers need this to continue their work.
> I just got to the point to try to help, rather than complain > endlessly.
. . .
> My whole post was not personal attack to your opinions. It is > just that I would like to see ppl start to think, of how to > help us improve the situation with realistic actions, taking > into account resources we have available. Both you and me > would surely like to see RT having tens of coders and > community being 10folds in size ...
I quote this part of message only to agree with you and repeat again: Alessandro, stop complaining and start be positive, use R2 is you need it ! It is not an attack to you but to provide another way of viewing the situation which is more productive for all of us. Giuseppe Chillemi