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[REBOL] Re: On list! inconsistency [was Re: WYSIWYG programming]

From: al:bri:xtra at: 3-Nov-2000 19:41

Rishi wrote:
> Hi Ladislav. I have tried to use insert the way you mentioned, but for
some reason, this does not work. I get the following error:
> Script: "Queue" (17-Oct-2000) > ** Script Error: insert has no value. > ** Where: insert-it: :insert > insert: func [item [any-type!]] > > The interesting thing is that the method above works for any other
function I have tried (such as remove)...but not insert. It seems that you cannot over-ride insert. I am have included my queue file with the modified insert function the way you have described.
> Anyone know why this is? Is it a bug in rebol or am I doing something
> q: make object! [ > list: make block! [] > insert-it: :insert > insert: func[item [any-type!]] [insert-it list item]
What you probably didn't know, is that Rebol has seen the set-word! here: insert: and already assigned the value of 'insert in the make object! context to no value . You can get the same effect at the Rebol prompt, like this:
>> type? a_random_word_I_haven't_used_before
** Script Error: a_random_word_I_haven't_used_before has no value. ** Where: type? a_random_word_I_haven't_used_before See how your error message is exactly like the above error?
> ** Script Error: insert has no value. > ** Where: insert-it: :insert
Rebol, in making the object to assign to 'q, makes a context that contains these words: list insert-it insert It does this by scanning for set-word! data-types in the block after: make object! so the result of evaluting this line: insert-it: :insert is that Rebol finds a match for 'insert in the current object's context, and uses that for the value of: :insert Of course, that's an uninitialised value or "no value", so Rebol gives the error message. It would be nice to be able to specify a "parent" or "super" context, much like a parent directory does, so you could write: insert: :../insert or perhaps better would be: insert: :parent/insert so as to refer to the word in the enclosing or outer context. Much like 'self is kind of a "special" value in objects. But that's a subject for a REP, perhaps. So to cure your problem, what you really need is, is the value of 'insert, which can be found at: system/words/insert Making your q/insert function like this: insert: func[item [any-type!]] [system/words/insert list item] and saving the cost of: insert-it: :insert for each queue object. And, BTW, wouldn't it be better to 'append rather than 'insert? I hope that helps! Andrew Martin ICQ: 26227169