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[REBOL] Re: On list! inconsistency [was Re: WYSIWYG programming]

From: al:bri:xtra at: 3-Nov-2000 21:40

Rishi wrote:
> Hi Andrew.
Hi, Rishi!
> thanks for this info. I don't remember reading about system/words/... in
the rebol users guide. Can you explain what this represents? Is system an object? 'system is a Rebol object that contains lots of stuff in Rebol. Try: probe system for more.
> Are all rebol mezanine and native functions in system object?
Words pointing to them can be found there.
> Better yet, can someone explain the general heirarchy of rebol. ie: what
is in system object?what is in system/word object? etc.. This would be really helpful! probe system
> I am now assuming that 'insert function is actually just a reference to
'system/words/insert function. Better to say that 'insert is a word that evaluates to the :insert function, kind of.
> BTW, I don't see why 'insert would be more inefficent than 'append in a
queue (implemented as an array) since an item has to be inserted in one end of a queue and removed from the other end. As far as I know, I had 2 options:
> OPTION1 > insert at head of list > remove at tail of list > > or > > OPTION2 > insert at tail of list > remove at head of list > > I simply chose the option 1. I don't see why any of these would be more
efficient than the other if there are about equal number of insertions and removals (if implemented as array like I have). I was thinking of the analogy of a queue in written form. Here's a queue (list) of jobs to do: Sweep the floor Mow the lawn Paint the house Collect the mail Answer email If I wanted to add the job "fix door handle", where would I put it? On the end, like this: Sweep the floor Mow the lawn Paint the house Collect the mail Answer email fix door handle Or, on the front? Like this: fix door handle Sweep the floor Mow the lawn Paint the house Collect the mail Answer email Of course, a lot would depend on the priority of the jobs (I tend to put a high priority on answering email...). I tend to scan left to right, top to bottom, when looking at things, so the first thing is left and top, while the last thing is right and bottom. A queue would seem to follow the same logic. The first thing in the queue is the leftmost and topmost thing, while the last thing in the queue is the rightmost and bottom-most thing. If you were Chinese or Arabic, different rules could apply. YMMV. Andrew Martin ICQ: 26227169