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[REBOL] Correct Behaviour? Was False = 2 ????

From: robbo1mark:aol at: 2-Jul-2001 11:23

Joel / Everybody okay then accepting all your perfectly valid qualifications & clarifications, I'll reframe my original question, thus...... If the decision was YOURS, would YOU prefer to see REBOL behaviour modified so series! index begin at 0, True, False & None & 'PICK behaved in the way I described. You intimated that you see the future of REBOL being a much greater time period than the past history of REBOL thus far so presumably you think it's important that we don't get "locked" into the "WRONG" way of doing things forever just for the sake of backwards compatability. I use the term "WRONG" here on my analysis of of your previous comments, I've no doubt you will correct me here on this ;-) With regards to backwards compatability I've got loads of scripts that no longer work because of changes in newer REBOL versions. /Wait to /No-Wait port! refinements, VID changes to name but a few examples. RT don't seem to mind breaking backwards compatability when it suits them for the sake of newer preferable behaviour. Also I believe "major" changes to port! schemes are planned in upcoming REBOL releases, we'll have to wait & see how much this changes backwards compatability, If at all! Now I know all of this is hypothetical as only Carl & the RT gang can actually decide and implement any Language changes to REBOL but as someone who's knowledge and opinions I greatly respect ( if not always agree with 8-) I was just trying to elicit whether you would "PREFER" the behaviour I suggested as opposed to "ACTUAL" REBOL behaviour, IF the decision was YOURS to make? ( Which it's NOT so sorry If Iam wasting your time. ) Secondly, I too agree that it is important we document and specify as MUCH of REBOL behaviour and consistency / inconsistency as we can, I also think it would be extremely valuable and useful to have a REBOL specification and in the absence of "official" RT documentation, I TOO would contribute and volunteer my efforts to the production of such a document, though NOT as Lead Author as there a people on this List much more capable & experienced with this aspect of REBOL / Comp. Sci. than myself, besides trying to grok what lies beneath REBOL takes up enough of my time / brain capacity! Your opinions are valued! , well by me anyway ;-) PS Ladislav, Larry & everybody else, please feel free to comment on this if you so wish. Quick & Dirty REBOL User Poll. 1. Should Series! Index begin at Zero? 2. Should 0, None & False be equivalent for 'PICKing values from a series! and return the FIRST or index 0 value whereas True and 1 would return the SECOND or Index 1 value? cheers folks, Mark Dickson