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[REBOL] Re: Spell

From: d4marcus:dtek:chalmers:se at: 24-Jan-2001 22:39

On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Marcus Petersson wrote:
> Well, I took the freedom to make some modifications. I thought it would be > nice to make the graphical UI optional, so I seperated it from the 'Spell > function. Now someone just need to make an UI for the console. Sorry,
But now there is one! It is called with the refinement /cons (for console mode). 'Spell/cons works with Rebol/Core. I've even tested it with a 2MB elisp.html file and it seems to work fine. Didn't bother to check all of it though. ;-) Anyway, here's the new code: Rebol [ Name: 'Spell Title: "Spell Checker and Corrector" File: %Spell.r ] wd: %./ ;insert your Spell directory path here Spell!: make object! [ Directory: join wd %Spell/ if not exists? Directory [make-dir Directory] File: %Dictionary.txt Dictionary: make block! 0 Ignored: make block! 0 Additions: make block! 0 error? try [Dictionary: make hash! sort/case load Directory/:File] Lower: charset [#"a" - #"z"] Upper: charset [#"A" - #"Z"] Alpha: union Upper Lower WordMatch: [some Alpha opt [[{'} | {-}] some Alpha]] WordStart: WordEnd: Original: Correction: Before: After: Cancelled: None Change-word: func [/all] [ either all [replace/case/all WordStart Original Correction] [ WordEnd: change/part WordStart Correction WordEnd]] Text-UI: function [] [ same s-a s-c cons edit char buffer ] [ s-c: {^(1B)[KIgnore (Tab) Ignore All (^^x) Change (^^g) Change All (^^h)} same: yes prin "^(1B)[5A^(1B)[K" ; go up 4 lines and clear print [Before " |-> " Original " <-| " After] print s-a: {^(1B)[KIgnore (Tab) Ignore All (^^x) Add (^^a)} print {Edit (Enter) Cancel (^^d) Quit (^^c)^/^/} cons: open/binary [scheme: 'console] while [ wait cons char: to-char first cons ] [ switch char [ #"^-" [break] #"^X" [append Ignored Original break] #"^A" [if same [append Additions Original break]] #"^G" [if not same [Change-word break]] #"^H" [if not same [Change-word/all break]] #"^M" [prin "^(1B)[AChange: ^(1B)[K" Correction: input if not empty? Correction [remove system/console/history] prin "^(1B)[4A" ; go up 4 lines same: any [empty? Correction (Correction = Original)] either same [print s-a] [print s-c] prin "^(1B)[2B" ; go down 2 lines if same [prin "^(1B)[K"] prin "^(1B)[B" ; go down 1 line ] #"^D" [Cancelled: yes break] #"^C" [quit] ] ] close cons ] Show-GUI: function [] [ face1 orig cfield b-a b-c b-c* ] [ face1: layout [ across label "Not in Dictionary:" return text Before orig: text Original yellow 'bold text After return text "Change: " cfield: field Correction [ either any [empty? Correction (Correction = Original)] [ orig/font/color: yellow show [orig b-a] hide [b-c b-c*] ] [ orig/font/color: red show [orig b-c b-c*] hide b-a] ] return button "Ignore" #"^I" [ hide-popup ] button "Ignore All" #"^X" [ append Ignored Original hide-popup ] return b-a: button "Add" #"^A" [ append Additions Original hide-popup ] b-c: button "Change" #"^G" [ Change-word hide-popup ] b-c*: button "Change All" #"^H" [ Change-word/all hide-popup ] return button "Cancel" #"^D" orange [ Cancelled: yes hide-popup ] button "Quit" #"^C" red [ quit ] ] face1/text: "Spell Checker" show-popup face1 hide [b-c b-c*] do-events/only face1 ] strip-newlines: func [strings [block!]] [ foreach s strings [replace/all s "^/" " "]] set 'Spell func [ {Spell checks and corrects (with user interaction) the text supplied.} Text [string!] /cons {Use the console UI instead of View GUI.} /extra {Extra rule to match before matching words. The rule may of course include actions.} rule [block!] ][ Cancelled: no if not extra [rule: " "] if cons [print "^/^/^/^/^/"] parse/case/all Text [ some [rule | WordStart: WordMatch WordEnd: ( Before: copy/part WordStart -25 Original: copy/part WordStart WordEnd After: copy/part WordEnd +25 Correction: copy Original if not Cancelled [ if not found? any [ find/case Ignored Original find/case Additions Original find/case Dictionary Original ][ either cons [strip-newlines reduce [Before After] Text-UI] [Show-GUI] ] ] ) :WordEnd | skip ] ] if not any [ Cancelled empty? Additions ][ append Dictionary Additions clear Additions save Directory/:File make block! sort/case Dictionary ] Text ] ] Spell-HTML!: make object! [ alpha: copy Spell!/Alpha non-space: complement charset " ^-^/" to-space: [some non-space | end] tag: ["<" thru ">"] url: [some alpha ":/" to-space] email: [some [alpha | integer! | "."] "@" to-space] rule: [tag | url | email] set 'Spell-HTML func [ {Spell checks and corrects (with user interaction) the HTML supplied.} Text [string!] /cons {Use the console UI instead of View GUI.} ][ either cons [Spell/cons/extra Text rule] [Spell/extra Text rule] ] ] Marcus ------------------------------------ If you find that life spits on you calm down and pretend it's raining