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[REBOL] Re: Language shoot-out

From: carl:cybercraft at: 8-Nov-2001 14:35

And perhaps Tao's Elate VP could be added to the list for those who want to program in a cross-platform machine-code language... (Not that I've used it. It's just that it looks like cool technology if you don't mind working at a low level.) On 08-Nov-01, Larry Palmiter wrote:
> Hi Maarten > I would also draw attention to the Haskell interpreter, Hugs, which > is very nice for interactive programming ala REBOL: > > Also the lazy functional language Clean from the Netherlands: > > Clean is very similar to Haskell in syntax but has more > optimizations for scientific and industrial programming. It has a > very fast compiler and code generator with automatic MAKE > capability, also a nice time and space profiler. Using strict > evaluation and unboxed arrays, it produces executables which run > about 25% slower than equivalent code in C (in contrast to REBOL > which is more than 100 times slower). It is free for non-commercial > use. > BTW my benchmarks with Scheme and REBOL using DR Scheme showed > Scheme to be faster than REBOL on many programs (especially > recursive solutions where Scheme's tail-recursion converts to > iteration) and slower on others. I found the same with Ruby. It > depends on the problem as well as the solution method. > -Larry > ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Maarten Koopmans" <[koopmans--itr--ing--nl]> > To: <[rebol-list--rebol--com]> > Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2001 5:11 AM > Subject: [REBOL] Language shoot-out >> While I was at it in my discussion with Joel, I thought I'd do a >> religiously tainted language preference shoot-out ;-) >> 1) REBOL. Reflexive, cross-platform, relatively fast, compact. >> Made by an alltime hero (that's you Carl). >> 2) Objective Caml: Mathematically precise, fast , sophisticated, >> almost as fast as C, functional, lost of libs. >> 3) Erlang. A functioanl language that has distribution built-in. >> Rugby is >> modeled after the ! operator in Erlang. Also gives you a RDBMs, >> httpserver, etc. in the standard distro. >> 4) Glasgow Haskell. Like 2) but with the main developers at >> micro$oft these days. >> >> 5) Raw C/C++ . For allowing you to implement the rest of the >> languages/OS'es >> >> 6) Scheme. Like Rebol, but slower. MzScheme is nice though. >> >> 7) Ruby. If you really want to do OO use Ruby. Also access to its >> metasystem >> >> --Maarten
-- Carl Read