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[REBOL] Re: Proposal: REBOL Documentation indexing system for newbies

From: gerardcote:sympatico:ca at: 4-Feb-2004 1:09

Hi Jason, Gregg and Maxim. Thank you for your specific answers, I will request for help and accept contributions as well when it will be needed, later in the project. For the moment I simply want some ML members to read and say what they think about the content of the proposed indexing system - in view of helping any newbie to find its way amongst the vast enough already exixting REBOL documentation. May be some parts may seem to be useless, redundant or misleading. For example the distinction to be done betwwen the Tools and the Library - since some scripts seem to fit well into both. Other items may seem to miss. Don't hesitate to add. But don't forget that until you I feed you with the future planned TOC and content of my learning tools, many items may leave you with the idea that not everything would be covered. Note also that in a far future I also plan to offer advanced learning material to support programmers that need this kind of material if time and need for this are always present. It will also be for my own learning since this could help to decode the inside of many advanced scripts using such concepts as DYNAMIC DATA STRUCTURES as used in many advanced CS text books and as supported in part by REBOL with its own list and block data structures. This week i'll also work about the TOC and try to well plan the gradual advance needed for the learning material I want to create in addition to all what already exists here and elsewhere about REBOL learning. This should will be submitted for review and comment before I begin the real work about content. For sure I will now continue my work using French since it will be easier and shorter to me and I will ask Maxim and/or Jason and DidierC to help review and translate some parts of my written work. A last word to Jason about the the Web site and the easy-vid.r format conversion you offered. In fact at this time I suggest that we use some Web space on your server to start some informal showcase to display the incremental steps of the proposed TOC when it is revised and updated - but at end I plan to ask to display this TOC and REBOL.COM to add some pointer to it if Carl agrees to do so. For the easy-vid.r conversion, I really don't see the urgency or even the true usefulness of this step at this moment since this would not be easily viewable with such long titles in the left column - some horizontal scroll bar is needed before. May be the titles must be shortened instead. If you want to work on this you're welcome. But a last question about the way you suggest to use it : If some reader downloads the TOC in easy-vid format, what will be the next step for him? If downloading any of the other subsequent parts is your way then this is feasible now but your content will have to be revised soon - so I personally wait until the next revision if any before doing so. If this can be of some help to you I can announce that I already began to hack the easy-vid script a bit as to let it become 2 new derived apps : 1- an easy-VID generator which when coupled with some .txt file content - much as the actual make-doc-pro - could automatically replace the actual easy-VID fixed content and leave its easy-VID coating with its display, navigation and execution functionalities - not as big deal but this could permit to easily create from a single .txt entry a dual output simply by switching from a make-doc generated HTML output to an easy-VID script format. Actually this job must be done manually. Not a difficult one but one that could be simplified. This new tool would change its name as the "make-easy-VID" application to reflect its new nature when related to other make-doc family members. Some restrictions apply but nevertheless they bear strong likeness. 2- A new version of the current easy-VID as been created with 2 new features : a) a "Content linking" new mark-up has been added and implemented. So when this mark-up is encountered in the actual Content a query to start a new easy-VID copy with its own "Content " is executed and the new easy-VID replaces the current one. ("#->" Mark-up instead of =URL may be substituted but may mislead) b) A second mark-up to add some additional information taken from a .txt file has also been added trying to simulate in some way an external URL link. This could be used for example to display in its own window the additional text when the BOLD ITALIC UNDERLINE line is clicked - I was not able to let the "anchored" word inside a current paragraph for display with some different STYLE than the rest and I was not able to keep it with the rest if some independent mouse click operation was to be used. (## mark-up) This seems to be a limitation to the actual styles available inside View. Some RTF like style would help here for the display part but the hyperlinking seems to be another subtle part to implement ... if it is not done yet. When this will be implemented (View 2.0 may be ?) there will not be a lot of difference between the many make-doc family members as to the way the output could be used - that is with real hyperlinks for easy-VID documents and for make-doc-pro HTML-PDF documents. At least this is on an old wish list I saw in the past about View and I finally know why ... Word processing too is a potential client IIRC !!! My 2 modifs are almost ready to be used but some adjustments are needed and yet to be done. And I must also add them to the VID-usage enriched version of easy-VID. This is all for now, Regards, Gerard