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[REBOL] Re: Proposal: REBOL Documentation indexing system for newbies

From: gerardcote:sympatico:ca at: 4-Feb-2004 14:29

Hi Robert,
> > For sure I will now continue my work using French since it will be easier > > and shorter to me and I will ask Maxim and/or Jason and DidierC to help > > review and translate some parts of my written work. > > Hi, I would vote for english as otherwise a lot of us will be locked out > and why do all the work twice? >
The idea is not to fall short of producing an English version here but since my French writing knowledge is really a lot better than the actual English counterpart. So I wil gain much time if I express freely in my native language and let other help me translate my original work. The gains will be important since not only we will produce the same - ouput in about the same time - In all cases I will work a lot slower than them when I will create much of the new REBOL based material (Design, test, code, debug, ...) so you'll shouldn't notice the delay between the both versions. And I will gain insights from 2 or more qualified reviewers taht are also good experienced programmers. This is not to put aside too. And finally even if I want to produce both versions myself - since here I really need a French version to support the newcomers that are only able to speak French, this seems to me the most productive way to do. The other way would request that I did all the job myself - 2 times since every example will normally also use French names for every word defined and comment found inside each script. Too much a big job for only one people. The way I propose is a sharing one and this seems the most adequate in this situation for me and others too. But I can ensure you Robert that nobody will be left aside during the process - since this is firstly done for the whole international REBOL community. I simply favor French as my own support tool since it will be easier to me.
> > 1- an easy-VID generator which when coupled with some .txt file content > > - much as the actual make-doc-pro - could automatically replace the > > actual easy-VID fixed content and leave its easy-VID coating with its > > display, navigation and execution functionalities - not as big deal but > > this could permit to easily create from a single .txt entry a dual > > output simply by switching from a make-doc generated HTML output to an > > easy-VID script format. > > That's what I would like to support. IMO it should be able to create an > easy-vid player that make-doc-pro can feed. It's not that hard for me to > add a new emitter that the easy-vid player can use. Anyone interested in > working together with me on this part? Robert > --
I'm a starter to work with you Robert. I can send you what I already did about easy-vid.r and we could help each other to better understand what is needed and how it can be done. In fact I also looked back at the way you're emitting your HTML related tags inside make-doc-pro. Since in your case the output can be produced for the Internet browser to manage the display you don't have to add overhead to the produced document as to support navigational features like is the case in the easy-VID or VID-usage products. Actually this overhead is a mere 3k in the current easy-VID script and 7k with the newer VID-Usage script. I suggest that the latter should be used instead since of the former since the newer now supports scroll options for the right display pane . Nevertheless like you I also think this can be done easily in a relatively short time. When are you ready to start with ? Regards, Gerard P.S. Don't forget that I'm also working on another easy-VID revision to let me execute regular (non View) scripts from the easy-VID script and display the results in another window. I did a first step in this direction but the work is not completed yet. So doing we will be able to recreate some functionalities inspired from the TCL-Tutor itself inspired from the Dr.Scheme main window. May be we can start working without any further consideration and we'll simply replace any additional or updated modules when completed. At least it would become feasible to create self-running REBOL Lessons without having to dig inside each time to replace manually any old content by a new one.