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[REBOL] Re: template driven development? Re: Rebol Server Pages

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 10-Oct-2002 12:21

Andrew Martin wrote:
>pekr might be interested in this page: > > >iew.html > >and looking for: > Q: How does the BTemplate work? > >The concept of using id attributes to tell the parsing program where to get >the data from can be easily implemented in Rebol, once one has a adequate >HTML parser. :) >
I don't want to parse html :-) My requirements are rather simply. Look, I don't know if it will be even possible, but I just try to find way of how to cooperate with web designer and preserve our both freedom of expression. So - thanks to all of you for input, appreciated ... now I will go and read some stuff, but my idea is for my friend to mark beginning and end of some section, which will mean what lays in between would have to follow some rules (but not too much restrictive), and will be processed by server-side engine (script). Each area requires different things - so it may be pretty simple, or more complex stuff. We will see. I may too, post an example of what I mean, once I have something ready. OTOH I may just come to conclusion, that it is not all that easy, and in such case, I will try to find another way for cooperation, but the last thing I am interested in currently is both - to replace my web-designer, and to let him learn rebol :-)
> <span class="Dir::Get_Data.Groceries.RowCntr">2</span>. ><strong><span class="Dir::Get_Data.Groceries.Item">Peas</span></strong> >(<span class="Dir::Get_Data.Groceries.Qty">4 bags</span>) > >I wonder is pekr would be happier with this? :) The equivalent in Rebol >would replace "::" with "/", and "." with "/". Except that I think the >example above is faulty. I'm under the impression that the presentation >stuff will vanish, as it's replaced? :-\ I could well be wrong. >
I don't know. I would go this way: <td width="432" height="21"><font face="Arial" size="2"><strong> Telefon:</strong> 558 357 845</font></td> <td width="432" height="21"><font face="Arial" size="2"><strong> Telefon:</strong><%phone-goes-here!%> 558 357 845<%/phone-goes-here!%></font></td> Well, - look - it can be incorrect aproach, right? I just don't know yet. I thought that I will let designer to do his design in wysiwyg tool, including some real life example of item or more items and "compose" it on server. Server side 'compose :-) So as for your example: <% random/seed now either random true [ %> Have a <b>nice</b> day! <% ] [ %> Have a <b>lousy</b> day! <% ] %> in my case would be: Have a <b><%what-day%>nice<%/what-day%><b> - designer will still get his display right - he will not mess rebol code that way - it is really terrible to have code cutted into pieces :-) - he doesn't have to wait for my code to arrive and to republish with each change I would made - I can adjust server-side engine (script) independently I hope I am more clear of what kind of cooperation I need? I dunno :-) I still made no work in that regard and it can show as plain nonsense, but I need to find out it myself to become "my" experience :-)
>But that's enough rambling from me. >
No rambling - in fact - I take it as some kind of brainstorming. Its just me who should apology for generating so many questions and email on ml ... Thanks once again, -pekr-