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[REBOL] Re: template driven development? Re: Rebol Server Pages

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 10-Oct-2002 12:37

Brett Handley wrote:
>Re HTML. I wonder - is there any point worrying about HTML for new projects. >
Well, Brett - all my project will be Rebol based. Rebol is cool, right? But - one of our "output devices" is gonna be web-portal. What can we do about it? Nothing. I have several complaints here: - rebol cross platform principle is no more valid, sorry. We can hear Linux folks complaints that here or there View doesn't work correctly, not to mention non-existance of MacOSX port. What about Amiga, BeOS, or more valid PS2, Java-based, Tao etc. environments? I KNOW that RT is just few ppl and they can't do it all themselves - but that's just it - the reality! - there would have to be different model of distribution too. Some kind of Rebol player, self-maintanance. Download rebol and provide user with very easy installation. Don't ask him for proxy etc. set-up, if he surely has correct proxy set-up in his Windows setttings etc. I think that with preprocessor and rebol packages, we are relatively near. We just need to solve Rebol's own upgrade capability - which should not be a problem at all. But if Rebol will not be treated as kind of system plug-in - you will not get mass adoption, and in such case, I can't Replace html presentation by Rebol ....
>My impression is that XHTML (XML) would be better as working documents for a >
ah, so you talked about HTML vs XHTML? Well, so forget my above comments, although they are still valid in some point :-)
>designer to manipulate going forward and the XMLC and Baracuda approach of >incorporating symbols into the source document is the right way to go. >However, I really don't know if the tools are supportive of this yet - maybe >a designer can jump in here and comment. I also don't really know if XMLC >and Baracuda have designed their respective embedded symbols simply enough >for an end-user. >
I will look into barracude too to see what it does offer. My friend is far from being profi-level designer. But I work with what I've got - no chance to do web design myself anyway :-)
>I agree with the point about RSP being an unsuitable format for working with >a designer. In my view it is equivalent to a serialised script and therefore >might have value in potentially being a sort of compiled form generated from >some other more user-friendly specification/model. > >I'd like a nice REBOL specific solution to this issue as well (I want to >rebuild in a more context aware way than the string >approach I'm using now). I envisage that I'll use XML (XHTML + something) >as a editing space for my page design. The page design will be sucked up and >transformed to some sort of REBOL model or dialect. >
I don't want to invent yet-another-aproach-to-build-websites. I want let designer his/her freedome to use tools which exist - FrontPage, DreamWeaver, etc. So the only suitable path for me is - custom tags, specific API (e.g. dialect), which will be handled on server ...
> I'll then need a >processing model (hopefully the same dialect) that can bind my content to >these page designs and finally something to emit the markup. >
I don't want to bother with emiting markup at all if possible ...
>"bind my content" is so easy to write, but I know it will be hard to design >a context model (engine) for page/site generation. Of course there'll be >other user-agents (REBOL/View, and new ones) to worry about too. > >...dream.........dream dream la la :^) >
:-)) -pekr-