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[REBOL] Re: Rebol SDK vs Command

From: petr:krenzelok:seznam:cz at: 18-Sep-2007 7:13

Hi Ed, your answers were one of the best so far, in regards to the topic. You seem to have good knowledge of how marketing work ...
> I think the main benefit of FOSS is that the developer receives a > degree of protection from of a corporate vendor. Software developers > do not want an external entity automatically inserted into their > livelihood as co-partner and co-captain of their destiny. It would be > irrational to accept such an arrangement when there are dozens of > highly capable languages with completely open or very liberal > licenses. (Would RT use a closed, proprietary language to code R3? No > way!!) >
But this one, I am not sure is accurate :-) Why would RT not use e.g. MS Developer Studio to code REBOL? I know, they can always get free C compiler, but as for low level, the story is different. I work for large company, worked for even larger in the past. Those measures simply DON'T fit! Do you want to know opinion of most CIO's on open-source here? They really don't care! That one is for Carl Read too - CIOs DON'T care. They are not stupid. You don't buy only product, but also support. Do you know the price of 1 man-day of e.g. SAP or IBM consultant? You would buy 5x REBOL/Command SDK for that price. In the situation, when you don't want to extend your team, you have to choose technology, where you can take a phone, and have a consultant working for you in few day. Don't get me wrong, as I said, I can understand open-source advantages, but I can also imagine open-source geek coding tonnes of apps in php, out of order, non documented, and once I need to replace the guy, I am screwed, because mostly those open-source geeks want to do everything their way , not respecting higher level integration opinions. And believe me - If I should allow my guys to use PHP, I would do it from the same perspective, as introducing JAVA, REBOL, anything else. And believe me - open-source nature would be the least important point to consider. Do I get the support or not? This community is VERY helpful. I have been on ml of several other open-source products, yet I got worse support than with REBOL. Now what is that? As for RT going down. It was already said, that source code is put into Escrow - if RT goes down, it gets released. Besides that - most of R3 IS open-sourced. RT keeps platform agnostic interpreter/language code. Do those open-source proponents complain about MS non releasing source of Windows? REBOL calls tonnes of platform functions, to which there is no code available, yet they don't complain. Simply put - I don't believe, that fully open-sourcing REBOL would help much nowadays. There are other factors. REBOL had its window of oportunity, which was missed. We have to fight the position hard once again. And I believe being open-source or not does not really help. I always thought I like REBOL because of its capabilities. I really wonder, how can anyone join the community just because something is open-sourced? That person surely will not understand advantages of REBOL aproach, beause if that person would understand it, he/she would like to use the technology anyway ... Petr