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[REBOL] Re: Send & mail-server problem

From: gscottjones:mchsi at: 4-Aug-2002 13:16

Hi, Robert, From: "Robert M. Muench"
> Hi, I'm running the eXtremail mail server ( > for all of my and my companies SMTP stuff. I'm testing Phil's readmail > mail reader and have written some Rebol CGI scripts that send emails. > Sending mails with 'send works up to only one thing: > > ** User Error: Server error: tcp 250 Bye. ** Where: close smtp-port > > So, the mail is send correctly but the 'send function thinks there was > an error and states this error. There seems to be some things extremail > is sending that lets 'send make the error assumption. > > Does anyone has an idea what the problem could be? How to fix it?
Looking at the error and the smtp scheme, I think that the most likely problem is that the mail server is sending a nonstandard sign-off sequence. Normally, after the body of the email is sent, REBOL sends a "QUIT" command. In response, then it expects to see "221" followed by any brief message. My guess is that extrememail is (probably erroneously) sending "250 Bye". 250 is usually only sent following a correct sign-on or correct command/data sequence, not for the sign-off command. The simpliest way to check this theory is to start a fresh console session, turn trace/net on, and send a sample email to the extrememail server. Something like this: trace/net on send [myname--mydomain--dom] "Hello, self" Then read the output of the trace. The final two lines should read something like: Net-log: ["QUIT" "221"] Net-log: {221 arelay.mydomain.dom ESMTP server closing connection} It is here that I'm guessing that extrememail is sending something like "250 Bye ....." If this is the case, then I can easily hack a work-around for REBOL and you can submit a correction to the extrememail source keeper if desired. Of course, to turn off trace, use "trace/net off" :-)
> And how can I stop Rebol/Core in CGI mode to output an error message, > because this will be sent to the web-browser as result. Robert
One way is to "wrap" the critical functions in error try? block. Something like the following pseudo code: either error? try [ ;function that may cause an error, like 'send with extrememail send [myname--mydomain--com] "Hello, if not error" ][ print "usual response to be printed to the web page, like e-mail sent" ][ print "error response to be printed to the web page, like in sending e-mail" print "with instructions on how to retry or correct the error" ] Hope that this helps. Be sure and let me/us know what comes up with the extrememail smtp and 'send. --Scott Jones