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[REBOL] Re: Send & mail-server problem

From: gscottjones:mchsi at: 7-Aug-2002 6:27

> On Behalf Of G. Scott Jones > > Looking at the error and the smtp scheme, > > I think that the most likely problem is that > > the mail server is sending a nonstandard > > sign-off sequence. Normally, after the body > > of the email is sent, REBOL sends a "QUIT" > > command. In response, then it expects to see > > "221" followed by any brief message.
From: "Robert M. Muench"
> Hi, ok I have made a trace of the communication > process. Here is what I got:
<snipped early trace stuff>
> Net-log: [none "250"] > Net-log: "250 Mail accepted" > Net-log: ["QUIT" "221"] > ** User Error: Server error: tcp 250 Bye > ** Near: close smtp-port <snip> > I think Allens tip concerning the line-breaks > might be solution I play around with this idea > and let you know. IMO the QUIT is done > correctly, right? Robert
Hi, Robert, Thanks for sending back the trace. The trace shows that REBOL correctly wants to send "QUIT" and expects to receive "221 Bye" but instead receives 250 Bye . This suggests that eXtremail (I was obviously mis-spelling it before :-) is sending the incorrect numeric code for sign-off. This point *could* (if you wish) be verified by using a telnet session. From a Windows command-line prompt (*nix may be a little different ... I can't remember) (C means "Client-You Type" and S means "Server Sends"): telnet smtp.mydomain.dom 25 ... then at telnet prompt ... S> 220 localdomain eXtremail V1.5 release 4 rev1 ESMTP server S> ready ... C> HELO S> 250 smtprelay.mydomain.dom C> MAIL FROM: <[myname--mydomain--dom]> S> 250 Sender <[myname--mydomain--dom]> Ok C> RCPT TO: <[myname--mydomain--dom]> S> 250 Recipient <[myname--mydomain--dom]> Ok C> DATA S> 354 Ok Send data ending with <CRLF>.<CRLF> C> A Message C> A Silly Message C> My last line in a silly message C> . S> 250 Message received: 20020804173018.SPSL23220.smtprelay.mydomain.dom@[xx.xx.xx.xx] C> QUIT S> 221 smtprelay.mydomain.dom ESMTP server closing connection My guess is that eXtremail will send an errant last line looking something more like: 250 Bye instead of 221 Bye Another quick way to check this issue is to make a quick hack on REBOL to make it temporarily compliant with what I *think* is going on. In the smtp scheme, the close-check sequence can be altered as follows the prompt in a fresh REBOL session:
>> system/schemes/smtp/handler/close-check
== ["QUIT" "221"]
>> system/schemes/smtp/handler/close-check: ["QUIT" "250"]
== ["QUIT" "250"] This changes the scheme to now look for a "250" in response to the "QUIT" command. Then send yourself a quick email through REBOL. send [myname--mydomain--dom] "Hello, self" If REBOL does not complain, then this suggests that eXtremail is not sending the correct sequence. Please note that this hacked smtp scheme will now *not work* correctly with a compliant server. If a program will need to connect to multiple smtp servers, some compliant and some not, then one REBOL work-around would be to create newly named smtp scheme and send commands for use with eXtremail only. Alternatively, the scheme could be made a little smarter and look for errant servers and then check the alternative closing sequence. Finally, if eXtremail is sending an incorrect sequence, I would suggest sending a correction suggestion to the source maintainer to be fixed in a future release. Just a thought, but obviously very few clients have complained thus far, or the (possible) error would already have been fixed! Hope this hels a bit more. As always, I am very interested in hearing what you find. --Scott Jones