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[REBOL] Re: CORE experimental 2.4.39

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 23-Nov-2000 16:44

Holger Kruse wrote:
> > What are these functions good for, please? :-) I tried > > 'get-on upon my mailbox port, but it does seem to want different kind of > > parameter .... I was not succesfull even with file port: > > You can change port modes (binary vs string etc.), platform-specific > file properties such as permission bits or dates, and for sockets > things like type-of-service, lists of multicast groups etc. -- and a > lot more. > > More info on calling conventions and supported modes once we have > made a final decision regarding the API. >
... sounds impressive ... and Holger .... you're da network man - what about description of print mold system/schemes/whatever fields? many interesting items, i mean: status: none size: none date: none url: none sub-port: none locals: none state: none timeout: none local-ip: none local-service: none remote-service: none last-remote-service: none direction: none key: none strength: none algorithm: none block-chaining: none init-vector: none padding: none async-modes: none remote-ip: none local-port: none remote-port: none backlog: none device: none speed: none data-bits: none parity: none stop-bits: none rts-cts: true user-data: none awake: none passive: none cache-size: 5 user-agent: "REBOL"
> > > Added NOW/precise refinement. > > > > > > > nice ... > > Accuracy depends on the platform: Mac: one second (unfortunately), > Windows: one millisecond, all other platforms: one microsecond.
Mac doesn't offer better timers? :-)
> > > Added asynchronous 'wait-able DNS for Unix and Windows: > > > open dns:///async, then insert/wait/copy. > > > > is the number of slashes correct? > > Yes. The first two slashes are optionally used to separate the > scheme from the hostname for "normal" DNS requests (e.g. > "dns://hostname"), scheme-specific things such as DNS options > follow the third slash. Use for example > > a: open/no-wait dns:///async > insert a "" > wait a > copy a > close a > > The same port can be used for multiple consecutive DNS lookups. > Just alternate between insert and copy. You cannot queue multiple > requests in the same port though. >
Will also other port types be made asynchronous? Thanks, -pekr-