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[REBOL] Re: Might as well ask..

From: gscottjones:mchsi at: 3-Oct-2002 18:03

Hi, Andy, From: "Andy Finkel" ...
> Well, without the skip (which I was using to resend part of the > file) , the code (which does work) looks like:
<original code snipped>
> The one thing I haven't convinced Rebol to do is let me read a > parameter (the filename) from the listen port on the server side > before sending the file. Any ideas ?
You are a whiz! I am amazed at how quickly you soak this stuff up. I took your code as a base, but I changed a few things because I am on Win98 and needed to work with a file that I had locally (no kidding! :-). I started the ports in lines mode, did some interacting to get the file name, through in a smidge of error detection (but it needs lots more), discovered an apparent bug in set-modes, and finally got it to work. Of course, this skips the skip. Maybe it can be work mack in where necessary, but for the sake of your prototype code, I skipped the skip. Watch the line breaks. Make it fit your sample and let me know how it goes and/or if my code is not making sense. Interesting project! --Scott Jones rebol [ "TCP File Client" ] port: open/lines/direct/no-wait tcp://localhost:5242 either error? try [ insert port "nyc.jpg" ][ print "whoopsie - where's the beef?" ][ wait port response: first port print response either find response "OK" [ set-modes port [binary: true] set-modes port [lines: false] outfile: open/binary/direct/write/new %//windows/desktop/nyc.jpg while [data: copy/part port 32768] [ append outfile data ] print ["file received"] close outfile ][ print "Hmmm - We've got a problem, Houston." ] ] close port ---------------------------- rebol ["TCP File Server" ] listen: open/lines/direct/no-wait tcp://:5242 forever [ connection: first listen wait connection either error? try [ fname: first connection print fname ][ insert connection "Error - Go fish ..." ][ insert connection "OK - Get Ready..." set-modes connection [binary: true] set-modes connection [lines: false] file: open/binary/read/direct join %//rebol/view/ fname while [data: copy/part file 32768] [ insert connection data ] print ["file sent"] close connection close file ] ] close listen