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[REBOL] Re: Framework for building Rebol apps?

From: mario:cassani:icl at: 20-Jul-2001 9:10

Hi Maxim,
> I am interested in becoming a resource person for this kind of work. > There are currently a few threads involving getting a "map" of what's > available and who's doing what. I think it will be a funky period as > different people will try different approaches and eventually
I was promoting a similar thing, what about joining efforts?
> The reason I favor mailing lists over most of the advanced > and arcane > systems is that the learning curve is -FLAT-. Everyone knows how to > receive mail and send some. So everyone has access to it and > it -ALWAYS- works. No downtime, (well, ok, very little downtime ;-).
Well, I am writing a mail-filter.r library that should work with news too, but it's taking a lot of my (few) time to finish... A good demo script for the library can be the one that handles this mailing. ;)
> like a big calculator ;-)... If you don't know what a TRS-80
> Anyways I like to participate and help out. I have been > programming with > rebol for quite a time, so I hope I can be useful. I am > working on some > files to share out (they are almost available)... probably will be > published tomorrow.
You mean on the list or on your rebsite? What about making a standard announce.r /view script (something like the feedback.r but to send news and publish sharable scripts in an easily and automatically processable format)? Format can be something like (not necesarily the same): 8<----------8<----------8<----------8<----------8<----------8<---------- Short: Library to handle Author: [dmxcas--tin--it] Mario Cassani Uploader: [Mario--Cassani--icl--com] Type: mail/processing Requires: Rebol/Core v.r.s or Rebol/View v.r.s I made this script in order to...bla bla..., long description on many lines..bla bla... ### BEGIN Script REBOL [ ] halt ### END Script ### BEGIN Demo Script REBOL [ ] halt ### END Demo Script ### BEGIN make-doc format Manual Mail Filter Library Can a standard format for manuals be useful? === Purposes === Status Minimal, Partial or Complete === Global Variables --- Variable 1 NAME: ... CONTENT: .... --- Variable 2 NAME: ... CONTENT: .... === Functions --- Function 1 NAME: ... PARAMETERS: ... SYNOPSYS: ... --- Function 2 NAME: ... PARAMETERS: ... SYNOPSYS: ... ### END make-doc format Manual 8<----------8<----------8<----------8<----------8<----------8<---------- The only limit I see is the word wrapping of long lines in the scripts. The announce.r should make
> I'd like it if there was a simple web-site where people could > "reserve" > certain pseudo-rights to names and words. and then the person can say
What about my site? When I told that only a few people should have the admin password I was not saying that others can't publish thing on the site... If a good CGI script (in REBOL, of course) is made to submit data (something like a wiki?) every REBOL programmer can go there and change the list...
> that his code is valid under that banner... so that anyone using his > libraries won't conflict with anyone else writing stuff under that > banner.
In the manual the NAME: ... field contains the 'word so this can be automatic. ;)
> I would not mind handling this "registration". I would not mind > categorizing and managing a site where approved code, manuals, trick, > FAQS, gets posted.
If a standard format similar to the above is used no site is needed, you just need a script to download mail end extract announcements' data. But I think that newcomers to REBOL should find a site with archives/summaries because they can't download the full mailing list archive to be up to date... This is the idea behind the CRANe site, not an "elite" place, but a place to point new REBOL programmers to quickly startup.
> The only restrictions I want to impose are the following: > ------------ > -that your code MUST work without conflict with all other tools > previously posted (simple scripts could verify and enforce this, I'd > make these).
An announce-datacollector.r? ;)
> -that your code have an associated manual, with a name defining it as > minimal, partial or complete. > > -that you supply at least one source code which demonstrates > the useage > of EVERY item within your library (code itself does not need to be > documented).
The format above can handle (expects) these two things...
> -that you identify yourself clearly in the rebol header, so that the > code gets proper credit.
It's up to submitters...
> I'd post approved code once a week (but there could be > other admins), > and anyone could download files, no membership or any of that > nonsense. > I'd also send mail to anyone who wants to be notified of this or that > file, as the libraries get upgraded. I would send ONE mail a week to > this list describing what's new and what's changed.
This sounds familiar... Admins for (public) site, weekly notification... The notification can be sent to this list and not to each one is asking.
> and the most important thing, is that THIS LIST would serve as the > common grounds for any news, questions, improvement suggestions, etc, > of any kind. a simple mail with simple questions sent once a week > (along with the upgrades). The most votes wins... simple.
Two mails are. But what about the votes? Should think about this.
>This way, its a peer-to-peer ring, no bullshit, everyone is equal and >everyone gets a say. Its not a little closed group of people who want >to make themselves larger than reality by choosing for every one ;-)
It looks like you think I wanted to make such a site, maybe my explanation was not good and was misunderstood. My goals are the same as yours.
> anyone willing to embark?
Me, of course!
> if you think its a good idea tell me about it by giving it a name...
What do you mean with "giving it a name"?
> send ideas DIRECTLY TO ME... right now! ([max--ordigraphe--com])
I'm sending a copy to the list too... no elite means also this. Zaijian Mario