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[REBOL] Re: Framework for building Rebol apps?

From: max:ordigraphe at: 20-Jul-2001 12:02

> -----Original Message----- > From: Cassani Mario > Subject: [REBOL] Re: Framework for building Rebol apps? > I was promoting a similar thing, what about joining efforts?
SURE! :-)
> Well, I am writing a mail-filter.r library that should work with > news too, but it's taking a lot of my (few) time to finish... > A good demo script for the library can be the one that handles > this mailing. ;)
Yep! What I'd do is a parser which extracts data from the mail or a cgi form. Any missing information is then asked for by the script. It asks by sending back a mail to the submitter.
> > files to share out (they are almost available)... probably will be > > published tomorrow. > You mean on the list or on your rebsite?
yep. published on my rebsite with a mail sent with a link to reb/web site for the actual downloads.
> What about making a standard announce.r /view script (something > like the feedback.r but to send news and publish sharable scripts in > an easily and automatically processable format)?
it could be done, but I'd also offer a cgi-form on a web-site... this way the person does not need to setup anything, just browse to the site and enter the data... I want to cater to the advanced AND to the newcommers! what do members of this mailing-list prefer?
> Format can be something like (not necesarily the same): > > 8<----------8<----------8<----------8<----------8<----------8< > ---------- > > Short: Library to handle > Author: [dmxcas--tin--it] Mario Cassani > Uploader: [Mario--Cassani--icl--com] > Type: mail/processing > Requires: Rebol/Core v.r.s or Rebol/View v.r.s > > I made this script in order to...bla bla..., long > description > on many lines..bla bla... > > ### BEGIN Script
that's ok, I'd just replace Short: by Name: and add a field to identify the manual's completeness, so that its identified clearly on the site. usually, better manuals will provide better popularity
> The only limit I see is the word wrapping of long lines in the > scripts.
Don't the receiving applications create the wrapping? I remember parsing mail files and having long lines... anyone correct me if I'm wrong... well, if there is indeed a problem (after implementation and testing) the sender of the data (wether a cgi-form or submit.r script) should ensure a proper way of encoding the files, in order to make them fail safe.
> > I'd like it if there was a simple web-site where people could > > "reserve" > > certain pseudo-rights to names and words. > > What about my site?
do you have a method to collect and display this data already functional?
> If a good CGI script (in REBOL, of course) is made to submit > data (something like a wiki?) every REBOL programmer can go there and > change the list...
That's what I meant. a Form CGI-tool. I already have a system which handles any number of form fields and querries the user until the required fields are filled up. I'd just have to make it a little bit more generic or make a version for this site specifically.
> > that his code is valid under that banner... so that anyone using his > > libraries won't conflict with anyone else writing stuff under that > > banner. > > In the manual the NAME: ... field contains the 'word so this can > be automatic. ;)
I don't know, I'd rather it be a distinct field in the code submissal or make name registration a completely separate area on the site. In a sense, this name almost becomes a user-name... it must be pre-fixed or post-fixed to any object, function or variable used globally. I'd impose a format to this naming so that things dont get out of hand (I'd say a three to five letter acronym a nice compromise) When code is submitted, The following things would be done: -A copy sent to the admin(s), who proof the files are not conflictual (with other libraries) and no unauthorized shit happens. -A linking of the file to that user's reserved name if he already has one. -A verification to attempt to link this file with any existing file (thus creating an upgrade "event").
> > I would not mind handling this "registration". I would not mind > > categorizing and managing a site where approved code, > manuals, trick, > > FAQS, gets posted. > > If a standard format similar to the above is used no site is > needed, you just need a script to download mail end extract > announcements' data.
yes. Do you have free mail address which can be poped? I am changing jobs in a short while and might not have unlimited to a pop server acces at that time. (I am currently mail admin so its not an issue right now, for doing my tests).
> But I think that newcomers to REBOL should find a site with > archives/summaries because they can't download the full mailing list > archive to be up to date...
And even if there were an archive its tedious and boring to browse through. And I want the site to be mirrored on the Reb, so that experienced users need only lookup the latest ".info" file to see what's changed this week or this month.
> This is the idea behind the CRANe site, > not an "elite" place, but a place to point new REBOL programmers to > quickly startup.
Actually I was suspecting that I'd hear that line about CRANe :-) I didn't mean to point to any project in particular (living or dead ;-), just the concept.
> > The only restrictions I want to impose are the following: > > ------------ > > -that your code MUST work without conflict with all other tools > > previously posted (simple scripts could verify and enforce this, I'd > > make these). > > An announce-datacollector.r? ;)
an prove-cleanliness.r script ;-) which compares ALL other words used so far. The script should also alert those words which aren't pre or post fixed with the person's reserved word.
> > I'd post approved code once a week (but there could be > > other admins),
The actual mailing-list post would not contain the code. I don't want to embarass people on this list with a several hundred line mail and all of that. (cause I wouldn't like receiving it myself). just a simple and brief letter to the comunity explaining what has changed what's, new what's removed with links to each of these changes.
> > this list describing what's new and what's changed. > > This sounds familiar... Admins for (public) site, weekly
The site IS private (in the sense that we're doing the work, making sure nothing goes queer), but is managed by public opinion.
> > and the most important thing, is that THIS LIST would serve as the > > common grounds for any news, questions, improvement > suggestions, etc, > > of any kind. a simple mail with simple questions sent once a week > > (along with the upgrades). The most votes wins... simple. > > Two mails are. But what about the votes? Should think > about this.
The votes are sent privately to the site's address, compiled, and then the results are announced in the next weekly posting. Lobying is kept to a minimum and the vote is private... true democracy... no?
> >This way, its a peer-to-peer ring, no bullshit, everyone is equal and > >everyone gets a say. Its not a little closed group of > people who want > >to make themselves larger than reality by choosing for every one ;-) > > It looks like you think I wanted to make such a site, maybe my > explanation was not good and was misunderstood. My goals are the same > as yours.
No, not reacting to anything sent or said before, just implying that my efforts (along with anyone in the team I join, of course) isn't going down that path.
> What do you mean with "giving it a name"?
What is the branding we give to the collection of libraries assembled under this effort? Free-booters ropen group rebolection reboltools rebolibs fREBwork rebol public framework RUG - Rebol User Group PRPG - public Rebol Propgrammer's g PRL - Public Rebol Libraries (this is a joke... btw it quickly) SRI - Shared Rebol Initiative FORT - Free Open Rebol Tools etc.? any name like this, nothing too flashy, descriptive. Or it could also be a nondescript code name: medusa draco live metal
> > send ideas DIRECTLY TO ME... right now! ([max--ordigraphe--com]) > > I'm sending a copy to the list too... no elite means also this.
Yep that's what I want ... discussion! I just dont want to litter the mails of everyone, just for this last querry!? Thanks for the interest, I'll respond to any inquiry this group has about this project. Mario, lets join and see if we can help each other out. If we agree on most things and can complement the other's work, then its a done deal. I just need to know if you really have the energy and time to devote to the project. what is it exactly, that you'd be willing to do? Admin, create scripts, handle cgi, etc, etc. For my part, I have a good suite of tools to handle the web aspect, being a webmaster myself. I am going to start concrete work on this, next week for sure. -Max