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[REBOL] Re: What language am I looking for?

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 15-May-2001 10:17

Dean Powell wrote:
> Hi, Joel: > > You are correct, the mainframe in question (Unisys 2200) does support TCP/IP, and it _should_ in fact > be able to speak to the Sun box. Unfortunately, there's a "network configuration problem." The > networking boys assure me that it's a simple problem to fix -- but with only 4 mainframe programmers in > a company of over 450 employees, and with a dozen or so ornery Production servers to constantly > babysit, you can imagine how far down the totem pole we are. In the meantime, I have testing to do > and firm deadlines to meet... > > As for putting REBOL on the Sun box...good idea, but the Powers-That-Be won't give the OK to put it > on said server. They don't seem to mind it being on the hard drive of my workstation PC. They don't > even seem to mind that I use it from time to time to make my work life easier, but they're visibly > uncomfortable with letting it go anywhere else in the company, and I'd rather not push the issue right > now. It boils down to "Corporate Standards" I suppose. >
Ah well, what to say? What is the "standard"? If you would ask your Sun folks, they will probably answer you Perl, PHP etc. I sincerely hope we are not far away from Rebol becoming standards. I hope few upcoming articles and help of further Rebol promotion (e.g. by Eight Inc.) will help companies (or its IT emloyes) raise from the shadow and openly say - yes, we use rebol, because of its advantages. My friend in my programmers group wanted to manually enter currency information for 24 currencies, because Rebol is not widely used. I hate such opinions. I programmed the solution, another friend helped me to program bridge app (filling downloaded & parsed currency info into database table) and nowadays we can't imagine our life without such small util. My impression is - we have to "fight" our positions a little bit harder! Remember the Linux some 5 years ago? Linux is pretty much a hype nowadays. And why? Becuase once ONE single big player says - it is good and I will adopt it - others will look into solution to don't stay behind ... that's the world we live in ... :-) I am not suggesting you to make any hard push at folks inside your company :-) There is several ways of how to do it - program solutions yourself using Rebol and maybe one day someone notices you have some very handy utils (looking nice in View :-), or you can do workshop for your friends, of course if they are your true friends, not just corporate ego partners. One suggestion - read following site: - I found it pretty encouraging ... I found also pretty much encouraging email by Mr. Chang sent to Ally list. It seems that Rebol will be covered in John C. Dvorak's column, Washington Post and there is also possibility for the article to appear in the MIT's Technology Review magazine, which is being read worldwide by many CEOs. Let the Rebol be with you! :-) -pekr-