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[REBOL] Re: OpenCL Wrappers: is anyone working towards this or something already exists!

From: moliad:g:mail at: 9-Sep-2009 14:23

hi David On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 9:39 AM, Petr Krenzelok<> wrote:
> david may napsal(a): >> Hello rebolist, >> >> =A0 as per the subject >> =A0 OpenCL Wrappers: is anyone working towards this or something already >> exists! >> >> it seems Python is yet again first with interesting OpenCL >> wrappers/Bindings >> >>
For REBOL 2, don't count on someone else doing it, its binary binding is limited and tedious. And remember, even for python, most of these things are done by people who need it, not the authors of python itself. You must understand that there is a reason why python seemingly always integrates C libs first.... its quite simple... internally, the language and its module system was designed around C/C++ in order to make it possible for binding its binary code directly and easily. Its the single most important feature of that language. Where I worked before, we did it a few times and it took less than an hour to integrate most C libs. Now on the REBOL front, thru the years, Mr. Sassenrath realized many of the limitations that plagued the R2 design on the platform side (the run-time engine). The language itself was pretty close to pure, but the engine it ran on was never meant to be open, extensible and support large applications. REBOL 3 addresses this first and foremost IMHO. Just about every decision is made with the sole purpose of allowing REBOL, the platform, to evolve, grow and exceed, by far, the capacity of the R2 engine. The goal is to be able to leverage the language in more areas, more markets, more applications. Finally, we will be able to use one of the most interesting programming languages on some of the most interesting projects, because like python, its design is intended to be open, extensible and scalable. As pekr noted, I did some OpenGL/GLUT tests using R3 and within a few hours, was able to render a colored 3D cube using R3 as the host from which the images where rendered. ( The Extensions API isn't finished, its a work in progress, but it already allows one to use C .lib and .dll binaries directly within REBOL using an interface to these functions and its datasets to REBOL, using REBOL native datatypes... its surprisingly easy to do and so far its both very fast and very stable. so, the question is... do you really need OpenCL? or is it just something thrown in the air? cause if you really need it and you are willing to invest a bit of your time into it, you can be the OpenCL binding author for R3. All the docs are on the web, with plenty of examples to get you started. It won't take you 3 weeks to get it done... it most probably will take you a few hours to get the basics working and then, at most, a few days to map all of the API functions & datasets. Just download MS VC express (free), download latest R3, OpenCL libs, and GO! ;-) Also note that although R3 is still alpha, and some things need to be done (adding more tcp schemes, for example), what is there is starting to be pretty stable on my last few attempts at using R3. The GUI is still up for an overhaul, but you can already use it, and there is nothing stopping you or anyone else from continuing on the work already started by the previous/current R3 GUI guys. If you get involved, and actually put the effort, you will realize that Carl (Mr. Sassenrath) is quite open to help and discussion... But as they say, talk is cheap, and that is how REBOL seems to be driven nowadays. Some kind of Meritocracy, similar to any open source project. People who put the effort and the time, actually get to take part in how REBOL evolves. When you can show others what works and what doesn't, cause you've actually tried things, can show or explain them with concrete tests and examples... people do listen... Carl especially (it also helps to be a bit stubborn and patient too ;-). Just noticing how Pekr and I have changed the tune to our song in the last year is a good measure of this in fact. This is an exciting time for REBOL, just about anyone can have a measurable impact on the language... from people who report bugs on Curecode, to people who rush to test the newest bits added to the core whenever a release is done (almost twice a week for a few months now!!) . But its up to every one of us to participate... Don't expect godsends to fall from the sky. Don't expect prayers to be fulfilled. Pitch-in, help, test, suggest, fix mezz code, post on the blogs... its all being considered, really, it is! Cheers! -MAx