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[REBOL] Re: Words missing from the REBOL Dictionary

From: larry:ecotope at: 13-May-2001 16:13

Hi all, Looking through the missing words I posted yesterday, I spotted yet another that I had overlooked. So much for human ability to compare long lists while tracking a baseball game. :-( So I used REBOL to compare the words in the output of WHAT and the words in the ref-data.r file used in creating the REBOL Dicitonary and turned up a few more, 78 total. The (hopefully final and exhaustive) list of missing words replaces the old one at the bottom of this post. Sorry for the confusion -Larry
> As a service to both RT and the user community, I made an exhaustive list
> words missing from the new REBOL dictionary. I found all values of type > any-function this way: > > echo %funcs.r > what > echo none > > I then compared that list with the dictionary. I am using View/Pro
> and I have a license, so the list includes some words that may become > defined only when the license is present.
There are 78 words missing from the dictionary. Some relate to relatively new features, some have been in View for a long time, or even previous versions of the Core dictionary (presumably inadvertent omissions), some are likely leaks into the global namespace, and one, exists-key?, is likely unique to the Windows version. --------------------------missing words---------------------------- action? [value] and~ [value1 value2] boot-prefs [] call [cmd /input in /output out /error err /wait /console /shell] confine [offset size origin margin] cp [value /part range /deep] crypt-strength? [] cvs-date [date] cvs-version [str] decode-url [url] deflag-face [face 'flag] demo [] desktop [] dh-compute-key [obj public-key] dh-generate-key [obj] dh-make-key [/generate length generator] do-boot [target args dependent] do-face [face value] do-face-alt [face value] dsa-generate-key [obj] dsa-make-key [/generate length] dsa-make-signature [/sign obj data] dsa-verify-signature [obj data signature] dump-face [face] dump-pane [face] editor [file] else [] emailer [/to target /subject what] exists-key? [keypath /hkcr /hkcu /hklm /hku /hkcc /hkdd] exists-thru? [url /check info] find-key-face [face keycode] find-window [face] flag-face [face 'flag] flag-face? [face 'flag] get-modes [target modes] get-net-info [] get-style [name /styles ss] insert-event-func [funct] inside? [p1 p2] launch-thru [url /update /check info] link-app? [] link? [] maximum-of [series /skip size /case] minimum-of [series /skip size /case] net-error [info] open-events [] or~ [value1 value2] outside? [p1 p2] path-thru [url] q [] reboot [] remove-event-func [funct] rsa-encrypt [obj data /decrypt /private /padding padding-type] rsa-generate-key [obj length generator] rsa-make-key [] save-prefs [] save-user [] screen-offset? [face] scroll-para [tf sf] set-font [aface 'word val] set-modes [target modes] set-para [aface 'word val] set-style [name new-face /styles ss] set-user [/wait] set-user-name [str] textinfo [face line-info line] to-local-file [path] to-rebol-file [path] type-name [value] uninstall [/wait] vbug [msg] view-install [] view-prefs [/wait] view? [] viewed? [face] win-offset? [face] write-user [] xor~ [value1 value2]