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From: carl:rebol at: 18-May-2001 9:17

Ok, from the horse's mouth... First, I imagine the message did not get replied because of the subject line. People on this list are pretty burnt out with language comparison discussions. Most of us have concluded: use the language that you like. If that's Perl, Python, Java, Lisp, so be it. Every language has its strengths. (Please read the intro to "REBOL, The Official Guide".) I created REBOL after 20 years of studying 50 other computing languages. I've used many Lisps... including several years on Lisp machines. I also wrote a commercial Logo implementation, which is a variation on Lisp. I've implemented and ported various compilers and interpreters. I studied under a Lisp master, who was a mentor for my early years. I deeply respect what Lisp is and what its strengths are. However, as a lisper, I've concluded that most users do not value the purity of it. Users are pragmatic. They want results. They want expressiveness. They want readability. They do not want a sharp learning curve but rather a smooth learning curve. Also, the primary reason that I created REBOL was that I wanted more than just a programming language. I wanted a way to write applications that would run on any machine, and more importantly, that could intercommunicate with programs on any machine. The primary concept behind REBOL is distributed computing... although many people find that it makes a great programming language as well. Maturity of a language is a nice thing, and as Lisp was invented in 1959, it is quite mature. However, although I like the looks of a 1959 Chevy, I drive a 1999 Chevy. It's a pragmatic thing with me. I've got to get places, not spend all my time under the hood or trying to get the radio to work. But, in the end, languages are a personal thing and, denotational math aside, their beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder. Ask Larry Wall. He'll tell you that Perl is perfectly readable. We all wear colored glasses. Carl Sassenrath Creator of the REBOL Language