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[REBOL] Re: XML / dialects

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 7-Jan-2002 16:14

Nice concerns, Porter. Here's a cut and paste of my IOS messages to Steve: ------------ Steve: I am stil confused re distributed database. You know - I can imagine off-line, asynchronous, queue based messaging, being it text files or SOAP/UDDI services, transfering data = records, but I am still confused of where and how data should be stored distributed database also means data duplication, and I can imagine IOS model working for very lightweight model of data, but without advanced storage capabilities, advanced replication capabilities, I am not sure it is viable .... Conference messages e.g. will grow to some unmanageable thousands of them. What if you want to build knowledge base out of them? We are starting to think out new regional information system, suited well for information centre, as well as for kiosks in some future, mobile devices etc. First I thought of local rebol version, with some generate-on-demand output capability - simply I thought web site will be just plain and simply kind of output device . But once you want ppl to choose some option, create some queries, you need some logic put on your webserver machine. So, I am not decided yet of how to start to deal with it. I can't base it purely on Rebol, as I don't believe Rebol will be available for all the devices, nor do we have proper View browser integration etc. So, am I better with robust SQL backend, surrounded with powerfull Apache + Fast-CGI(= nice distribution, especially in External mode) + Rebol environment, being service/message/website-generation/whatever based? .... --------------- Now to some of your points: You raise the issue of complex replication schemes, hardware and app-server set-ups, etc. But - what about decentralised data storage?: -You need some central place which will drive your sync. mechanisms. (In the case of IOS it is cetral IOS server - /Serve). - you need to back-up the data anyway - I don't believe you will bet on one of your company PCs, that can potentially meet HD failure or something like that. - data duplication could mean real death to data validity. In our SAP R2 and surrounding systems our customer address info was duplicated in 3 or more systems. The systems can't even talk one to each other - completly mess here ... But maybe I just anticipate where are you heading your thoughts. For e.g. in our large enterprise, our programmers are infected by thinking in SAP terms. On-line processing? Nah, why? Who needs info on-line? We will do it in job? Is it enough for you to run the job on a daily basis? I don't like such aproach - my vision is - ZLE - zero latency enterprise: - Why to be always dependant upon "live" connection? - Why to wait for the job task to complete? - messaging is the way imo - asynchronous, small messages based system, with ability to work off-line, spooling data to database or directories, not requiring accepting system to be "live and listening at the time", the system can be in maintanance mode yet still not affecting system sending info ... ... but my vision is still ... uncomplete and unproven ... :-) -pekr-