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[REBOL] Re: RFC: rebol-framework / list-view

From: petr::krenzelok::trz::cz at: 13-Nov-2002 9:56

Robert M. Muench wrote:
>>So SAP invented so called >>"Help Search" (translated from Czech lang term). It is multi >>tab dialog box with various fields, one of them being Contract number >>.... so you >>can type something like "123*", but it does not solve the situation >>quickly. >> >> > >So, this is more like a very detailed search dialog? I have to say that >I'm not a SAP user (and I hope I never will). What I have heard is that >SAP isn't able to do "fuzzy-searches" or something like this. >
I am not sure on fuzzy searches ... it can do wild-char searches though ... that detailed search dialog serves for filtering purposes ...
>>If I >>know I am looking for a Company, I will select company, and then get >>list-view related to company information ... >> >> > >Right, and if you don't know that you are looking for a company? I never >understood why I have to remember if an information is stored in a >company record >
that is my point - our users don't remember number of last contract, but they always know what they want to do - e.g. add new contract, edit some contract, and so they even know, what customer they want edit their contract for. We have imo the same opinion, you just seem to go even further - RFM seems to be more like google upon database :-) - suited for ppl, where they know just word or part of word and they perform the search. It has its uses, but as fo our case - it would not help - user would be stuck, as he knows he want to edit last contract for Robert Muench GmBH, but he/she doesn't remember last number. Or he/she just wants to use previous one in the list to copy it into new one, using part of information from the old one ...
> or a contact record or whereever. And with the ADM where >everyone can create Bos you won't know a priori what kind of BO was >used. Especially if serveral people work together. >
Yes, I can understand it ... ADM is very high level then - it would be usefull for abstracting/merging-info-from various ERPs if I understand it correctly ...
>>now what domain specific >>info related to company can I be interested in? - Offer, >>Confirmation of Order, Order, Invoicing, etc. - but only at ONE of >> >> >them > >>at the time >> >> > >Why? I'm interested in all kind of information for one comany. That's >what I'm missing from todays system. I want to get an overview about the >company. With a single click. >
Ah! CRM like system. But can you imagine how your drawed net structure would look like, if there is e.g. 120 contract for the company per year, each having 30 or more positions (materials - subgrid) etc.? And I am not talking about other docs as advice notes, invoices, etc. etc. How will you organise your display then? Is there any difference in left pane graph and right pane graph? Or do you plan on collapsing/uncollapsing nodeds? E.g. you select customer XY ... info related to such customer is - invoices, contracts ... 100 invoices and contracts ... will you display node for each of them? What about showing named BOs first, e.g. real customer name (as there is only one for each customer), and if there is more than one record for certain Bo, it would be fist shown as "Invoices" node for e.g., with some visual distinction, so user could see he/she can collapse/uncolapse details? Just an idea ... Is there any reference of how other graph based apps work? -pekr-