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From: belymt:saunalahti:fi at: 7-Jul-2002 7:28

At 20:22 6.7.2002 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi Joanna, > ><< Another question.. ... Has anyone made REBOL script that could parse >Slashdot news headers and view them on small window? All info (including >links to files) are on > >There is no example on REBOL. IMHO it woud make an nice example how >REBOL/VIEW can be used. I looked those header files and they surely look >quite easy to parse, it would make nice and short view demo. >> > >Here's a real quick, hackety-hack version that might be useful as a starting >point for something nicer. The item-rules can actually be generated >programmatically from the object spec without much difficulty as well, but >for just this small number of fields this isn't bad. Beware strange names >due to scavenged code.
I have to confess.. I can't understand it at all.. I'll definitely need more time with REBOL :)
>Anyone think this is worth improving? If we did, it could (as Joanna said) >be a good showcase piece for the SlashDot crowd to give them a reason to >look into REBOL.
I really can't think much better place to find potential new users than Slashdot. It's full of tinkering geekish people willing to try all new hitech stuff ... According to their own media info. Slashdot - 43 million page views per month - 2.6 million unique visitors per month If there are both clever server page generator and short but useful /View script made and those are placed there, they will attract quite many readers. Especially if those examples are also made available as a news article... If that happens. only real worry would be that REBOL Inc servsers would not be able to handle all that load caused by all those geeks looking for information and downloading systems for trial. Luckily REBOL/VIEW is so small file :) And while there.. remember to mention REBOL portability.. there are very few systems capable of same.. Java can, but programming it is IMHO pain, and making this kind of example on java would require a LOT more coding. But I get this error.. I'm using View ** Script Error: as-pair has no value ** Where: do-boot ** Near: as-pair 385 (subface/size/y * num-items-visible) There seem not to be such word (of is it function?) as as-pair defined on View ? Or have I messed something up here? Joanna