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From: jason::cunliffe::verizon::net at: 3-May-2002 12:26

> The available documentation (for which he is also on record as saying "is > horrible and I apologize profusely"), the lack of debugging tools, the > lacklustre support for developers (Feedback is almost entirely > one-way), and confusing and off-putting commercial licensing terms all make > the point that it is nowhere near ready for "programming in the large". > > Which is a pity. RT have achieved miracles and produced a potentially > world-beating software platform.
Agreed. To me part of the tragedy is REBOL's aptitude for small programming makes it ideal for global schoolroom use. Small fast fun. I can't imagine kids not embracing it as a first language, especially since they now take [x]-Internet mostly for granted. In some ways I see REBOL design philosophy as a natural intelligent descendant LOGO and that's a compliment! You can get serious and sizable grants and support for developing this in USA, EUROPE and ASIA. I wish there were an REBOL/EDU-IOS edition with sensible, up-front licensing vision to go with it. Seems like a great model for home/class/project/school/curriculum internetworking. The dynamic nature of EASY-VID EASY-DRAW could be a terrific platform for courseware, tutorials and more. Clicking on code examples Beyond the present Documentationitis + Licensing wackiness, the demands are several: - INTERFACING Need to interface better with the rest of the world. That means: binary clipboard, calling other programs, and enabling easy access to local devices/peripherals [PRINTERS and CDROMs for god's sakes!!!], and "save as stand-alone executable". Yes it might 'break' REBOL's current idealistic and admirable wide cross-platform even compatibility. But by some developing Win/Mac specific custom modules, surely worth it, if opens up active school use of REBOL ? - MULTIMEDIA REBOL/EDU-IOS needs to easily include 3rd party multimedia within /VIEW framework. I suspect This could be so easy to do.. Needs a syntax for embedding parameterized video, audio, Flash media directly. It needs a viable alternative to opening a Web browser. This would expand the acceptability overnight, much creative content, and allow lots of 3rd party interfaces to be developed via Flash etc. - GUI REBOL /View is great as far as it goes [proof of concept], but truly still lacks for more than simple forms. It needs a smooth default sizer/resizing model, UNICODE, better built-in rollover event control, etc. The hard work has been done with Flash already to make highly scaleable interfaces as application front-end. It has a vibrant community of developers and Actionscript, an internal scripting language which is a sister to JavaScript. this means Flash offers an immediate visible GUI option for using with REBOL's very exciting interactivity and invisible network features. Python has an 'anygui' initiative. "The purpose of the Anygui project is to create an easy-to-use, simple, and generic module for making graphical user interfaces in Python. Its main feature is that it works transparently with many different GUI packages on most platforms. " And Kevin Altis PythonCard project has great dedication and momentum towards a versatile GUI toolkit. But the overhead to install and build basic stuff is excessive compared to REBOL. REBOL/View shines in comparison, especially for schoolroom use. The gap is closing however. - VANILLA REBOL is blessed with Vanilla, an exciting wiki/weblog. As part of a REBOL/EDU-IOS package Vanilla would need only a few features to allows really smooth integration: 1. Special /View tool for access to Vanilla site, sharing and direct up/downloading of site files, graphics and dynasnip development etc. 2. Modularity to allow easier customization and upgrade of Vanilla versions 3. Better separation of user files, including a basic 2-tier admin/user control. In other words don't confuse system specific code with all the user content, snips and dynasnips. ./Jason