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[REBOL] Re: BSD License

From: koopmans:itr:ing:nl at: 21-Feb-2001 13:07

Hi all, My work is not related to that of anybody else (yet). Make that change! I will expand and enhance this and also provide hosting on Why? I have a reasonable well-paid job at a very large company. Now I don't mind making money, but I also like to do my work with modern, sophisticated technology. By releasing the erebol libs under the BSD license I allow anybody to use it the way they need. So there is no reason not to use it, except that you may not like it / need it. Now this should promote Rebol and make my life more fun in the long run. If you really want to use Rebol you should buy Command, I think. - It has more features. - You support RT. These guys need to eat and pay the rent as well. - They have a runtime license which is rather cheap. The pricing scheme won't kill you. By creating erebol I try to make it more attractive for you all to use Rebol Core and Command. Note that I provide hosting etc. as a service to you, the Rebol community. I'll probably make a link to a PayPal account so you can donate any money if you want to support the erebol expansion. This will mean that you can give .net .org whatever you think it is worth or use whatever it is offering for free under the BSD license. I'd like to state specifically that when choosing a license you should pick one that suits your needs best. This is not always an open source license (in the RT case, which I fully understand and support). When discussing the difference between the GPL and the BSD license, my criterium is always: - Should any derived work be open source and free as well => GPL - Should anybody be able to use this anyway they like, including royalty free redistribution in binary form only => BSD or MIT license. I normally choose the latter, because it turns out to be more practical and results in the long run in the best of all worlds. IMHO, if you give people the choice to pay whatever they feel somethings worth, you'll always get what you deserve. A final note: I just rejoined the list to promote erebol and to offer help. I am not into (semi-religious) open source discussions. So if you are annoyed by any of this, repeat [ go get a glass of water smile in front of the mirror if happy [ break ] if any [ (glasses of water > 5) (elapsed_time > 0:30:0) ] [ go to the bathroom ] ] Hope this helps, Maarten ----- Original Message ----- From: <[Robbo1Mark--aol--com]> To: <[rebol-list--rebol--com]> Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2001 11:22 AM Subject: [REBOL] BSD License
> Everybody, > > I made a recent suggestion on this list to DocKimbell recently that he
might wish to consider releasing his MYSQL scheme under the BSD license, now M.Koopman has just released his EREBOL and other tools under the BSD license, I don't know if the two are strictly related, but if they are then I think I feel happy about making a small contribution in helping non RT staff REBOL developers consider which license is best for protecting the works of ALL REBOL developers.
> For those of you who may not be up to speed on software licenses, the BSD
license allows for FREE and COMMERCIAL distribution of binary and source code as long as certain copyright terms are adhered to.
> It allows you to make derivative works and release them under whatever
terms you so wish.
> If I was the open source free software zealot that some people would like
you to believe Iam then would I not be "preaching" use of the GPL License insisting that all works should be be relased as FREE SOFTWARE including all derivatives there of.
> I specifically suggested the BSD license as this protects the rights of
Commercial and Free Software developers. The BSD license should enable both sides to live and work at developing really cool software in peaceful co-existence.
> Hope this is not considered preaching, Iam just trying to help my fellow
REBOLLERS consider why software licenses are important and what might be the best licensing terms for ALL REBOL developers, not favouring one side nor the other.