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[REBOL] Re: Rebol Framework suggestion

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 10-Sep-2001 7:07

'lo Christian, :-) Christian Morency wrote:
> Let's take for instance Object oriented programming under REBOL, we have yet > to see a public framework/library that offers standard objects and > objects-methods.
IIRC, Ladislav Mecir created methods.r some time ago? It allowed you to have classes, objects, methods, etc. IIRC ... I just wonder, if it is still available anywhere? :-) On the other hand - I programmed in CA Visual Objects. I read many papers on object orientation, and while I am not too good programmer, I sometimes don't fully understand all the fuss about object orientation and its advantages - hey, the result is some executable code, user doesn't care, so the only one question is - programmer's efficiency. With Rebol, you get nice space navigation, you have very dynamic binding on demand. So, if I understand things correctly, you have much wider freedom to define things exactly as they fit your solution. btw: as of Core 2.5, object creation functionality was slightly extended - although I never found practical reason to use it :-)
> For example, some people may have actually coded a > Collection! class-object like I did, what about using Class! objects to > build objects ? What about having all Class! objects having a new methods to > build a new object based on that class, how about having type-of? to verify > the type of an object and receive something more meaningful than type? > myCollection == object! How about building an object framework that will > allow inheritance instead of cloning ? How about a View framework which will > simplify building layout through objects? What about multi-line edit box > under view that will manager the slider for us without having to have it > done the way we do actually ? > > These are some of the problems I have encountered in the past few weeks, and > I have started working on, but actually, the task is big and I don't > consider myself as a really technical programmer in that sense. I couldn't > do it all by myself. > > What about building a SDK in Rebol for Rebol... I daily use Visual Age > SmallTalk at the job and I have yet to see a better SDK environment.
Would be nice to have. I just wonder what happened to Carl's Rebol/Author ....
> What if > we could build a concurrent development environment in Rebol ? What about > the object browser Etiennne was talking about...
Yes, style I miss most, is fast, nice tree-view ...
> what about a Visual > Debugger which will offer a stack ? etc.
Debugger ...would be helpfull ...
> This can go on and on... but what I am suggesting is the following : RT has > given us tools, let's use them to build other tools we can re-user > afterwards for our own projects. I know that Rebol was not really meant for > OOP, but one of the thing OOP is all about is : Reusability, not within a > single project, but global, world-wide reusability for all developers.
But reusability as you describe it, has very low in common with object orientation itself imo. The topic ran here several times already. The Rebol script header contains 'needs field, so the idea was that once you do %some-script.r, and its header contains Needs: [ 1.2], it would look for it locally, and if not available, script would try to download it from the library ... Another usefull thing would be probably to extend help to work upon objects - to autocollect help info from it's functions, print list of words and their values, etc. What would I like to see maybe even more, - more dialects ... -pekr-