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[REBOL] Re: looking for a function...

From: bo:rebol at: 13-Nov-2000 10:16

Donald, Using the old autoextract function found in the script library, I am trying this one more time. This time, the file should retain everything it is supposed to! Just DO this email. Self-extracting REBOL-compressed file REBOL [ Title: "Self-extracting compressed file" Date: 13-Nov-2000/10:06:12-7:00 File: %striptags.r Author: "Autoextract function by Bohdan Lechnowsky" Comment: { Simply run this script and it will decompress and save the file for you } ] if exists? %striptags.r [ print {striptags.r already exists, please rename existing file and run again.} halt ] write %striptags.r decompress #{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} quit On 10-Nov-2000/23:34:19, [ddalley--idirect--com] wrote:
>Hi, Bo: > >I have a question about this e-mail. As you can see below, the line breaks are >not right. The lines that have a single quote (") on it probably had a NEWLINE >of some sort on the previous line. This causes an error when run, so what is >really supposed to be between the two quote marks? > >I figured out how to get it to run OK, but, for my purposes, the retained text >needs much better formatting - close to how the author wanted to format it. >Using an optional arg for the max-linelength would also help. If someone knows >how and is willing to do this, I would dearly like to see an improved version. >Anyone who has ever used a good HTML stripper, such as the excellent HTTX >(Amiga), knows how useful they can be, when called by other programs. > >Thanks for the seed, Bo! > >-- > > ---===///||| Donald Dalley |||\\\===--- > The World of AmiBroker Support > > UIN/ICQ#: 65203020
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