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how to drag'n'drop ?

 [1/4] from: jason::cunliffe::verizon::net at: 1-Oct-2002 23:26

I just accidentally discovered a great drag'n'drop feature of MSIE6 Drag an image onto another brower window and bang it displays the cached version. That makes it much faster when you want to save/email/whatever no more fiddly right-mouse clicking. Yesterday I was playing around with the wxPython demos. there's nice one with drag'n'drop. I want this for rebol apps => -open a browsder -drag an image onto rebol/view... -zing upload to remote site What is needed to do this in REBOL? Would'nt it be sweet to have some of this in /View? from wxPython.wx import * #---------------------------------------------------------------------- class MyURLDropTarget(wxPyDropTarget): def __init__(self, window): wxPyDropTarget.__init__(self) self.window = window = wxURLDataObject(); self.SetDataObject( def OnDragOver(self, x, y, d): return wxDragLink def OnData(self, x, y, d): if not self.GetData(): return wxDragNone url = self.window.AppendText(url + "\n") return d ./Jason

 [2/4] from: anton:lexicon at: 2-Oct-2002 21:27

Maybe it would be possible through the system port one day (I don't know of any docs for it yet, I think it's not really ready in the latest betas.) To do it now, I think you would need to access external windows libraries to catch window messages. That needs /View/Pro or /Command. You can imagine that implementing drag&drop between rebol and native os on all platforms will be difficult, so it hasn't been done yet. But you could help it happen by looking up the windows API's required and some example code, probably c++, that can allow this to happen. It is possible for a Windows process to hook in to another process' window and listen to or modify the window messages that it receives. So you could launch a separate process to listen to your rebol window and wait for "drag-over" messages or however it is done. Anton.

 [3/4] from: bry:itnisk at: 2-Oct-2002 15:37

Drag and Drop is handled via a DropHandler shell extension, this comes from IDropTarget and also IPersistFile. Here's a link to IDropTarget _d_95tg.asp To set a DropHandler you use the registry: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \{filetype} \ShellEx \DropHandler {filetype} does not specify the extension of a file but rather the type of file it is, check HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\batfile for an example wherein a DropHandler can be found. Since Command can use Dlls Shouldn't it be possible to make some simple drag & dropping work? Perhaps if we had a simple dll that implemented some various drag and drop functions for .r files then Command could just call into that? I think this might be an interesting thing for Command, a library of dlls that are written to provide functionality for Rebol in things for which it is somewhat weak. Just an idea.

 [4/4] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 2-Oct-2002 11:03

Bryan, et al <<Drag and Drop is handled via a DropHandler shell extension, this comes from IDropTarget and also IPersistFile.>> AFAIK, REBOL doesn't support COM interfaces so that might be a bit tricky. If someone had lots of time and low level COM experience it could probably be done. Euphoria has a COM library, so REBOL could probably support one too. The question is: Is it worth it? :) For me, I'd rather spend time on a DnD system that worked between REBOL apps on all platforms. View/Pro and Command support a system port which they say can be used to catch WM_ messages, but it isn't doc'd anywhere yet. With that you could at least catch WM_DROPFILES to support DnD from Explorer. --Gregg