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VID project questions

 [1/4] from: maarten:koopmans:surfnet:nl at: 7-Feb-2003 15:10

Hi, To the guys from the VID project: I have seen some stuff on IOS and am in need of some things Real Soon Now. I am interested in things like auto-scaling, scrollable faces and tree widgets. Now I'll be using this as a GUI client for the web front-end of my wife's shop, so I'd say that that's commercial use. Can I use it without strings attached or not (in which case I'll do it myself, I need to be, aaah, cost-efficient here). Feedback appreciated. --Maarten

 [2/4] from: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 7-Feb-2003 16:16

Maarten Koopmans wrote:
> Hi, > To the guys from the VID project: I have seen some stuff on IOS and am
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> need to be, aaah, cost-efficient here). > Feedback appreciated.
OK, VID project is not progressing currently, mainly because ppl actually able to produce quality code are just very few and doing other stuff - remember, rebol is just hobby to most of us. As to certain work - - resizing - pretty solid state - as for license - check with Romano, last time he mentioned GPL to me, but maybe he reconsidered or you can get some special conditions - I can't speak for him. ... or just - some ppl prefer to write resizing method on their own ... - tree-view - Cyphre - pretty solid imo - slowes down at some 3000 items ... I ordered Cyphre to do some cache system, but you will not see it anytime soon imo ... - menu, including context menu - finished, although I ordered some features too, mainly to become more robust and system compatible (but cyphre would have to reimplement pop-up handler) - tabs - usable, non-buggy ... may slow down with more than X tabs, as cyphre generates them all at once or so ... That's all from my "coordinator" side (there is noone to coordinate ;-), I will let subsystem authors to react themselves ... cheers, -pekr-

 [3/4] from: cyphre::seznam::cz at: 7-Feb-2003 17:51

Hi Maarten and all, I think you can use all styles I did for the VID project for free although they aren't still good enough for wide public release because of their pre-beta state. So use them at your own risk:-) and please report any bugs directly to me(either on IOS or by email). Since I'm currently *very* busy at my "real" non-rebol job:-( I have not enough time to make any significant progress on those styles and unfortunately on another Rebol projects but I hope this will change in a few weeks... Note for all: I hope that the VID project will continue as soon as Carl will have enough time to lead the VID group more intensively so please be patient. For those who want to be in limited pre-beta testing round before the first official public beta release just write me an email so I could send you this style-set for testing. I'm opened to your bugreports, ideas, comments, fixes etc. Keep reboling! regards, Cyphre

 [4/4] from: maarten:koopmans:surfnet:nl at: 7-Feb-2003 19:42

Hi Cyphre, Thanks! I will use it and go over the source, and mail you any bugs/improvements. --Maarten

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