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ANN: Rebol/flash dialect updated

 [1/7] from: oliva:david:seznam:cz at: 20-Aug-2002 20:30

Hello rebol-list, just to let you know that I've updated my Rebol/Flash dialect again (just a little bit) at (update was in these files: %actions.r and %make-swf.r ) the new function is described here:

 [2/7] from: rebolinth:nodep:dds:nl at: 20-Aug-2002 23:56

Hello RebOldes, I must say its a nice dialect you put back there.. I was working with some swf creating tools (even flash) for the last years and even registered swish (when drunk) but the rebol dialect is sometihng thats more for my machine so i dont have to dragg all the Flash development GUI with me when building flash..the dialect just does the job in a few secs...:-) Greetings, Norman.

 [3/7] from: jason:cunliffe:verizon at: 20-Aug-2002 19:56

Thanks Oldes!! The best just keeps getting better :-) I'm spending a lot of time exploring FlashMX these days, event models, local connection, studying up on FlashCom Server, etc. Wondering what the current limits are for object-oriented actionscript using make-swf? - What are your development priorities? - Is #include possible? - What's the most sophisticafted/complex .rswf code you've created to date? Unfortunately, Flash does not load PNG dynamically via LoadMovie, but REBOL can.. so I guess that would allow Flash dynamic loading of PNG via REBOL to convert to JPEG and then make-swf. 3.2 Flash5 #29 XMLObject is not working. ./Jason ______________________________________________ Jason Cunliffe [NOMADICS: Director art+design] Tel/fax: +1 718 422-1078 [jasonic--nomadics--org] N 43:00.000' W 074:31.875' ALT:1144 ft 84 Henry Street #3C Brooklyn NY 11201 USA

 [4/7] from: oliva:david:seznam:cz at: 12-Sep-2002 23:10

Hello rebol-list, I've fixed some small bugs in the dialect.... I will be offline a few weeks so don't expect any updates soon.

 [5/7] from: rebol-list2:seznam:cz at: 5-Nov-2002 22:08

Hello rebol-list, after some time I've updated my dialect a little bit again. I've done a lot of fixes in the %img-to-bll.r functions (there is now also version working in the new Rebol/view which is named %img-to-bll2.r so run this script if you need to convert bitmaps. I've also started to make more serious dialect enhancements: 1. bitmap layout - creates bitmap from rebol layout 2. extended image - creates complex flash object structure for simulating the Rebols extended effect. 3. make window - not finished, but working example how to make resizable window using resizable bitmaps (only MX version) Dialect code for the last two enhancements is present in %extended-image.r script - some code may be moved in the future - so you have to run it as well if you want to use it. New examples of these enhancements you can find here: cheers Oldes

 [6/7] from: rebol-list2:seznam:cz at: 11-Nov-2002 19:54

Hello rebol-list, new very practical example: (BTW: I had problems with my email client (my anti-spam deleted all received emails so if someone was emailing on my personal adress, please do it again:))

 [7/7] from: rebol-list2:seznam:cz at: 21-Nov-2002 20:04

Hello rebol-list, I've modified the %exam-swf.r script not to download all the SWF file first but rather to open/direct the file and parse it while it's being downloaded (streamed). Another change is, that I've made html version of this dialect pages for new Netscape/mozilla (tested with the Netscape 7) and created a 'SideBar' which you can install from this page: There are also some new examples of shapes with transparency as it's implemented now. =( Oliva David )=======================( [oliva--david--seznam--cz] )== =( Earth/Europe/Czech_Republic/Brno )============================= =( coords: [lat: 49.22 long: 16.67] )=============================