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[REBOL] RFC: Forms generator / RAD dialect

From: robert:muench:robertmuench at: 20-Aug-2002 19:16

Hi, most applications share a few very basic concepts: - You have a set of business objects - You want to edit business objects - You want to store / load business objects - You want to reference business objects from other business objects IMO this functionality is needed in 90% of all applications. At least for thos applications handling some data stuff and that normal people would implement using a RDBMS. Well, I don't want to use a RDBMS I want to use Rebol. But I hate repetitive tasks, especially creating very basic GUI forms. So why not use Rebol for this? Thing like this shouldn't be written by hand: lab "Company" company: fld return lab "Contact" contact: fld return lab "Title" titl: fld return lab "Phone" dial work: fld return lab "Email" [mailto email/text] email: fld return lab "Web" [brws web/text] web: fld return lab "Address" smail: ari 200x40 return lab "Alt Phone" dial cphone: fld return lab "Info" info: ari 200x72 return lab "Notes" view-notes notes: ari 200x72 return lab "URL 1" [brws url1/text] url1: fld return lab "URL 2" [brws url2/text] url2: fld return lab "Updated" updat: inf 200x20 return Instead I'm thinking about a dialect to specify such a section. And one nice side effect would be that the dialect can be written by users not familiar with Rebol. How about this? address!: [ ; Name Text Type Action company "" field streams "" field [unfocus update-list focus read-list] description "" field cln-id "Customer" field [read-only] ... ] Now we need a GUI form generator that gets such an input block and creates a layout block for us. The result should be something like this: lab "Company" company: fld return lab "Streams" streams: fld [update-list] return lab "Description" description: fld return lab "Customer" cln-id: info return Did anybody started something like this already? What do you think? Anyone interested in working on such a thing? IMO it would help us a lot to have such a RAD dialect for classical database applications. Here is a very basic prototype of the idea: rad-styles: stylize [ lab: text 90x20 right bold middle font-size 11 btn: btn 64 tgl: btn 64 fld: field 200x20 font-size 11 middle edge [size: 1x1] inf: info font-size 11 middle edge [size: 1x1] ari: field wrap font-size 11 edge [size: 1x1] with [flags: [field tabbed]] ] project!: [ ; Name Text Type Action id streams description cln-id cln-prj-id date-start date-end ] output: [ styles rad-styles across ] generator: [ some [ set field word! ( repend output ['lab to-string field to-set-word field 'fld 'return] ) ] ] parse project! generator ?? output view layout output Robert