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[ANNOUNCE] i o n . p e

 [1/9] from: rebol::techscribe::com at: 26-Aug-2003 16:12

Hi. Here it is - The first (and only) REBOL inteGREATed programmer's editor. i o n . p e You can download an eval copy here http:/ Download - Try - Like - Register. REBOL list members register at for discounted price. What it is? Imagine an editor (with misc. features) that has a resizable and collapsable pane in which you can directly interact with the REBOL/Core interpreter. Or, select some REBOL code in your editor and select "Do It!" from the editor's popup menu, to submit the selection directly to REBOL. Again, see the results in the Command Shell pane. Ot submit a whole file for evaluation to REBOL and monitor what it does, without ever leaving your editor. That's one half of i o n . p e The other half: use REBOL code to control the layout of the editor, to open files in the editor, or IONIZE your files. (Explained briefly below in "long version' and in full in the help file). The long version: Goals There are four goals that I am pursuing with the release and the continuing development of i o n . p e: 1. To give you, the REBOL developer, a powerful, inteGREATed editor interface to the REBOL shell, so that you can seamlessly interact with the REBOL/Core interpreter from within the editor. You no longer have to save a file, switch to REBOL, do the file, then switch back to your editor, in order to test the latest changes to your script, look up a word in the REBOL help system, or test out how or whether or not a particular function works as expected. With i o n . p e you can do all that and more without ever leaving the editor. Simply select the function in the editor, select "Do It!" from the right-mouse-button popup menu and then evaluate the function with different test values right from within the editor, using the Command Shell in the top pane. (Note that REBOL must be launched using i o n . p e in order for the Command Shell to be displayed. Please read the enclosed helpfile for different options of how to do that.) 2. To give you a new context in which you can utilize your REBOL expertise. Up to now REBOL has been mainly used for Web development, CGI, and other Internet related projects. Now i o n . p e lets you utilize the full power of REBOL for text processing. The marriage of REBOL with an editor is very powerful, and a small number of REBOL words together with some REBOL specific editor functions makes for a very powerful combination. Besides being able to control some aspects of i o n . p e 's layout using REBOL scripts, i o n . p e also provides several interactive features that enable you to control the data that is made available to REBOL scripts. 3. To help ionize your files. i o n . p e introduces a new type of REBOL files, namely .ion files, that are treated in a special way and allow you to control the editor from within a REBOL script. Using the ion.onLoad and ion.onSave handler functions, you can write REBOL functions that are called before a file is loaded by i o n . p e or immediately before a file is saved. You can utilize these functions to, for instance, easily provide ftp support for i o n . p e using REBOL's built-in ftp support, email, and automate many other features (see the helpfile for an example application). 4. To expose REBOL to new programmers and use the "backdoor" approach to conquer the corporate scripting and programming community. Every programmer uses some editor, many programmers are very particular about which editor they use, and quite a number of programmers are curious about new editors that support unique features. i o n . p e adds a new and universally applicable reason for programmers to be curious about and explore REBOL. Even though the current first release of i o n . p e is already feature rich and very useful, I have a number of must-have-features on my wish list that will be added over the next few months. I expect that Release 1.2 will have incorporated all those outstanding features that will make i o n . p e the programmer's editor of choice, even for those programmers, who are not (yet) REBOL programmers. Download - Try - Like - Register. You can download an eval copy here http:/ REBOL list members register at for discounted price. Enjoy. ;- Elan

 [2/9] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 26-Aug-2003 17:43

Sounds GREAT Elan! ;) --Gregg

 [3/9] from: andrew:martin:colenso:school at: 27-Aug-2003 12:00

I look forward to trying it out tonight, Elan! Andrew J Martin Attendance Officer & Information Systems Trouble Shooter Colenso High School Arnold Street, Napier. Tel: 64-6-8310180 ext 826 Fax: 64-6-8336759

 [4/9] from: sqlab:gmx at: 27-Aug-2003 9:34

> Hi. > Here it is - The first (and only) REBOL inteGREATed programmer's editor.
<<quoted lines omitted: 3>>
> REBOL list members register at > for discounted price.
Why is i o n . p e trying to open a SERVER PORT ??? AR -- COMPUTERBILD 15/03: Premium-e-mail-Dienste im Test -------------------------------------------------- 1. GMX TopMail - Platz 1 und Testsieger! 2. GMX ProMail - Platz 2 und Preis-Qualitätssieger! 3. Arcor - 4. - 5. T-Online - 6. - 7. daybyday - 8. e-Post

 [5/9] from: rebol:techscribe at: 27-Aug-2003 1:00

Hi. Part of how i o n . p e communicates with REBOL is through a port. Note that the default value for the port is 1024. You can change that in Config\ion.ApplicationSettings.cfg where it says REBOLPort=NNNN if you are already using port 1024 for a different purpose. [sqlab--gmx--net] wrote:

 [6/9] from: sqlab:gmx at: 27-Aug-2003 11:48

Hi Elan, i o n . p e tries to open a server with a random port number at startup by default.. But even after fixing that as you showed, it gives the error messages "wrong parameter" and most functions including Help give the same error message, if it really started. Most of the time I got only zombie processes. I think I will stick with SciTE.for the next time AR
> Hi. > Part of how i o n . p e communicates with REBOL is through a port.
<<quoted lines omitted: 26>>
> > > >
-- COMPUTERBILD 15/03: Premium-e-mail-Dienste im Test -------------------------------------------------- 1. GMX TopMail - Platz 1 und Testsieger! 2. GMX ProMail - Platz 2 und Preis-Qualitätssieger! 3. Arcor - 4. - 5. T-Online - 6. - 7. daybyday - 8. e-Post

 [7/9] from: rebol:techscribe at: 27-Aug-2003 7:44

Hi. That's fixed. attempts to connect on port 1024, unless you manually change the entry in the ..\Config\ion.ApplicationSettings.cfg file. The pertinent entry is REBOLPort= NNNN where NNNN should read 1024, unless you change it manually. notifies REBOL of the port that will be used. REBOL then uses that port in two functions, namely ion.done and ion.code. Those functions are defined in the file ..\ion\ion.r. If you manually edit the ..\Config\ion.ApplicationSettings.cfg and set it to a port of your liking, or, if you download the current online version, then that should take care of the problems you encountered. Hope this helps. Elan [sqlab--gmx--net] wrote:

 [8/9] from: Christophe:Coussement:mil:be at: 28-Aug-2003 11:11

Hi Elan, As we are now full time programing in REBOL since 3 years, we were here enthusiastic about the release of an editor specially designed for REBOL! After playing a while with your product, we think the provided tools and functionalities are looking great and are useful, but ... we are getting some annoying problems: [Using ion 1.0 under WinNT 4.0 SP6 - Pentium II - 256 MB RAM] - only REBOL/Core (rebol.exe) is accepted as interpreter, not Command/View (rebcmdview.exe). - after setting the ion.ApplicationSettings.cfg file to point to rebol.exe, the app tries to access the a:\ drive, without being asked to do so. - choosing Do It! or Do File! just results into a flitsing up bar with no shown results in the console, although those are found into the _ion_ibuf_._chn_ file. - closing all tabs creates a memory access violation which does not crash the app. - content of binary files is not displayed. On the other hand, we liked especially: - integrated console & browser - color coding and multiple language support - customization possibility - general layout and ergonomic - work with project files Some suggestions: - allow the closing of current file from the popup menu - allow multiple files selection for editing (without working with project) - keeping up the good work ;-) We will buy it for sure as soon as those preliminary problems have been solved !!! ==xtof [== just do it == NIKE]

 [9/9] from: rebol:techscribe at: 28-Aug-2003 8:27

Hello Christophe. Thank you for taking the time to review and for your thoughtful and encouraging remarks. Your bug report and suggestions are noted. I am currently working on release 1.1 and I hope to incorporate your suggestions in that release. As for REBOL/View support, several people have requested that I support REBOL/VIEW and I will attempt to include experimental REBOL/View support at a minimum. Take Care, Elan Coussement Christophe wrote:

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