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STEEL 0.0.5 online :-)

 [1/4] from: maximo:meteorstudios at: 3-Oct-2003 11:47

Hi all, version 0.0.5 has been released after much pain and suffering for two days. I've been trying to get my modem on win2k to work more than 5 minutes, before crashing the svchost.exe process (thus killing all clipboard and drag and drop operation with any file or internet explorer). Thing added/changed: -LIQUID-VID DOCUMENTATION -DOWNLOAD site revamped completely -more depth within site navigation (this layout is temporary, but effective). -started to hint at the real project nomenclature, will slowly be corrected throughout the site. -many bug fixes in liquid-vid and colorbox.r demo -many pages have been partly or completely rewritten. -new layout for news. -added "latest" docs menu item, so that you can jump to the latest and most usefull pages, without having to browse through the whole site to find the tutorials. Licensing: -There are different licenses for the different aspects of the project. -Most are distributed under gpl and lgpl. -Basically, rights to use is free, even for commercial purposes. -The nugget API will be freed of gpl... making your plugins essentially license-free. There is a problem in the way it is worded on the site, this will be fixed asap. -although not all files have been updated in the distribution to reflect the licensing, all the files are covered by the licenses explained on the site. The files will be fixed ASAP and will all be up-to-date for version 0.0.6. NEXT PLANNED UPDATES: -retools online and downloadable with documentation and examples. -advanced liquid documentation. -sheet-metal docs. -liquid-vid reference. -MAx --- You can either be part of the problem or part of the solution, but in the end, being part of the problem is much more fun.

 [2/4] from: maximo:meteorstudios at: 3-Oct-2003 14:24

> version 0.0.5 has been released
forgot to add signature which contains the link to the site: ciao! -MAx ------------- Steel project coordinator

 [3/4] from: ptretter::charter::net at: 3-Oct-2003 14:34

Has anyone made any thing with Steel? I'm curious about 3rd party feedback. Want to hear what its all about and how it works. I'm not sure I want to get my feet wet with liquid-vid yet until I hear more about it. Sounds interesting though. Paul Tretter

 [4/4] from: maximo:meteorstudios at: 3-Oct-2003 17:16

Hi Paul, he he, my last 0.0.5 promo mail... promised :-) I think everyone is holding their breath like you are. I agree, its still pretty cryptic, documentation is sparce... naming is somewhat non-traditional, feels scary. You also are correct in that it is all still beta and should not be relied on until the downloads officially say release v1.0. That's why I'm working on tutorials as fast as I can with graphics and code snippets on-line. Just follow the tutorial examples, see the code and the uis it generates. No install needed. It gives you a good idea of the tool. But if you do run the colorbox.r demo, you'll see how dynamic it really is and what level of input validation has been attained. In one field box, you can enter a tuple, a decimal, an integer along with any unrelated string data and it will filter out anything it can find to set the color...using an integer, sets all channels, for example. Once any valid data is found, more than 40 gadgets get updated without you having to add one single line of code. What's more is that if you decide to edit the ui, you do not need to edit any action code, anywhere, in order to link new gadgets to the color data. No secret little function(s) to remember to edit each time a change to the ui is done... Now that the licensing is done, I'll be able to put updates online, much more quickly... I'll stop ranting, and hope that the release goes well and the late night hours weren't in vain ;-) enjoy what's available, I'm also open to answering any questions any one of you might have about the project itself and parts of it which aren't clear. you can send all comments/questions to the following mail address: [moliad--aei--ca] Also, I wish to appologize to the fellow who sent me a mail a while back about open-library which never got answered... My home internet was down (I wasn't aware), and is now up again... so, I WILL be answering any new enquiries ASAP. cheers! -MAx ------------- Steel project coordinator