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[ANN] 3flex

 [1/5] from: chris::langreiter::com at: 7-Jan-2003 22:06

3flex is a prototypical knowledge map editor. It's a graph editor framework I've been hacking on over Christmas. In its current state it works, although some of the ideas are just barely visible (for lack of UI support - have a look in lib/categories, lib/category-editors and doc/types.txt for an idea ;-). As this is my first "real" /View application I'd be extremely happy to get some feedback on coding style and face design by one or two of the resident /View/Gurus. It would be fantastic to be able to speed things up a bit (so that e.g. arrow hiding wouldn't be necessary). I've also noted a few issues - I'd appreciate some help with those very much: - workspace: arrow drawing - polygons disabled because of /View bug - workspace: if # of visible nodes > 25, workspace dragging gets slow - can we speed that up? - default node editor: when auto-scrolling (wrap?: true), text gets "scrolled" (?) out of the visible area by 1-3 pixels - default node editor: sometimes (especially when having pasted in longer texts) the area widget seems to miss resize events afterwards Enjoy! -- Chris

 [2/5] from: gchiu:compkarori at: 8-Jan-2003 15:20

On Tue, 7 Jan 2003 22:06:35 +0100 Christian Langreiter <[chris--langreiter--com]> wrote:
>"3flex is a prototypical knowledge map editor." > > >
What version of View is required? I just get a blank screen come up. -- Graham Chiu

 [3/5] from: ljurado:bariloche:ar at: 8-Jan-2003 1:17

doc/wsage.txt say: double-click on workspace: add new node but ... I need triple-click ! (WindowsMe REBOL/View 3-Aug-2002) Luis ----- Mensaje original ----- De: Graham Chiu <[gchiu--compkarori--co--nz]> Para: <[rebol-list--rebol--com]> Enviado: Martes 7 de Enero de 2003 11:20 PM Asunto: [REBOL] Re: [ANN] 3flex

 [4/5] from: robert:muench:robertmuench at: 8-Jan-2003 8:22

> -----Original Message----- > From: [rebol-bounce--rebol--com] [mailto:[rebol-bounce--rebol--com]]
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> have a look in lib/categories, lib/category-editors and > doc/types.txt for an idea ;-).
Hi Chris, the screen shot looks awsome! And you might have followed the rebol-framework-project (RFM) where I'm useing a slightly modified version of your touchgraph code. Because of what features you plan to add and the direction to "knowledge maps" I want to invent you to join the RFM project. Cyphre has joined and is doing GUI stuff, I'm doing associative-data-model engine. So you see, we are seeking for one doing graph-layout, graph-editing etc. :-)) Are you interested? Catch me here on ML, on AltME, on Developer or by private mail. IMO it really would make sense to join efforts here. Robert

 [5/5] from: gerardcote:sympatico:ca at: 8-Jan-2003 18:46

Hi Graham and Luis, I use the /View 1.2.8 on my Win 98, as explained in the usage.txt file, you are requested to do any one of these actions to begin with : - CTRL-L to open any of the demo files created by Chris - double-click on the empty screen to create and add a new node (For me on win98 this works fine!) After that I leave you trying any other intuitive drag and drop operations and look back at the usage.txt for the other options. Great work, Chris! This alone can be used as a very neat DEMO of what can be done with so few - but I know and really appreciate all the hidden inside value supporting this little master's piece. I saw that someone already suggested a ZOOM mode - this could effectively be useful to get a complete overview after opening a new file for presenting all the nodes in one relatively small location, or at least that could be the smallest possible according to the number of nodes to view... A right mouse click and drag could be easily used to stretch the scaling in any direction (Up-down, right-left or diagonally). And like Robert Muench has offered you, I emphasize you should contact him for joining his RFM project (stands for REBOL FRAMEWORK PROJECT). Together with Robert and Cyphre, I really think you could complete the basis of this new "foundation work" very quickly and this also goes hand in hand (or at least stands by) with the kind of stuff you are producing now. In all cases, keep up the good work, Regards, Gerard P.S. I can already see some nice uses of this kind of work for helping me to deliver school presentations that need quick set-up for many diagrams...a lot quicker than using MS Powerpoint and/or MS Draw (enclosed in MS Word).

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