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 [1/4] from: maximo:meteorstudios at: 17-Nov-2003 17:19

is anyone into adding [tag] in the subject of list messages to create easy rule wizards for use by all? I mean if we agree as a whole (or vote if we dont ;-), we could add a simple string of text when creating a new thread. common/recuring tags could then easily be tracked by those who want to separate their rebol mail into different mail bins? just a suggestion, ... like the current dicussion on ftp would get [ftp] added anywhere in the subject (once). then it is clear that the main topic of the mail/thread is WRT ftp. it could even help the web engine sort things by topic. common ones could be [net] [mail] [ftp] [parsing] [bug] [view] [beta] [install] [cgi] [.org] [.codeconscious] [.steel] [.rt] wadaya tink? -MAx --- a little hint of self promotion never killed anyone ;-)

 [2/4] from: Steven::White::ci::bloomington::mn::us at: 17-Nov-2003 17:17

>>> [maximo--meteorstudios--com] 11/17/03 04:19PM >>> >>> >>>is anyone into adding [tag] in the subject of list messages to
create easy >>>rule wizards for use by all? I like the idea, although I do not know how to implement it. I am getting swamped by messages. I scan them all because just a few are VERY helpful, but most are beyond my ability to understand at this time. With tags, I could transfer my rebol-list subscription to my home POP account instead of my office account, and write a REBOL script to: * Scan all email messages. * Download any with REBOL in the subject, and leave the rest on the POP site for my spouse. * Scan for the tag. * Look for a disk file called something like REBOLMAIL.[tag]. * Append the message to the end of the file. * Examine the latest update dates of all my REBOLMAIL files. * Send me a note of any that have changed on that day. Then I could read the changed files. Maybe when I appended the day's mail I could append a marker showing the start of the day's entries, and just use VIM to read the file. If I wanted to respond, I could copy and paste, into the response, the segment of text representing that message being answered. Hmm, that does sound like a lot of work. Still, tags would help in scanning by eye also. The script could be "left as an exercise for the reader," or posted in the library. Steven White City of Bloomington 1800 W Old Shakopee Rd Bloomington MN 55431-3096 USA 952-563-4882 (voice) 952-563-4672 (fax) [steven--white--ci--bloomington--mn--us]

 [3/4] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 17-Nov-2003 18:15

Hi Max, MOA> is anyone into adding [tag] in the subject of list messages MOA> to create easy rule wizards for use by all? I'll try to remember to do so myself, but I don't know if it's formalizable . :) The problem I see is that you don't know what's going to grow into a big thread, and tagging "quickie" questions just adds effort (classification is *hard* :). A smart Bayesian sorter would be nice... -- Gregg

 [4/4] from: maximo:meteorstudios at: 19-Nov-2003 15:06

its mainly a visual cue and "rules wizard helper" But if you are handling your poping within rebol scripts, it is easier to sort them out with the tags, I find. so far, I find its really helping me visually scanning the contents of my rebol mailbox. I notice the main topic before anything else and my brain automatically snaps to its context before reading the first line. many people used to write things like : "within view", "view problem..." so its not really longer to write anyways. now because there is a [view] in most people's message, the context is explicit and I find its easier to quickly scan 30 mails at a time, for those which simply don't interest/affect me. I am happy the idea took up so quickly. :-) cheers -MAx --- You can either be part of the problem or part of the solution, but in the end, being part of the problem is much more fun.