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 [1/6] from: bry::itnisk::com at: 27-Aug-2003 9:55

Hey, I recently wrote an article about asynchronous pluggable protocols in which I show a very small sample implementing a protocol that passes fragments of rebol script and evaluates them. The article is online at although I don't think it's been announced yet. I'm looking over it to see if there are any missing parts, there were supposed to be thanks given to specific list members, Gabrielle, Gregg Irwin etc. for some suggestions, am having some trouble finding those but don't want to complain until I'm certain they were dropped, if anyone sees any real big booboos please point them out (note that this is an edited article so not every booboo is mine, although the greatest number of them are guaranteed to be)

 [2/6] from: bry:itnisk at: 27-Aug-2003 10:00

I should specify that the examples in the article are basically the classic Rebol examples of reading web pages, sending emails etc. just executing them over the protocol.

 [3/6] from: bry:itnisk at: 27-Aug-2003 11:47

>I'm looking over it to see if there are any missing parts, there were >supposed to be thanks given to specific list members, Gabrielle, Gregg >Irwin
Sent off email to DevX requesting thanks be given to Gabriele Santilli, Gregg Irwin, and Carl Read. You guys probably don't remember but you helped me strip off the trailing "/" from parsestring, and a couple other things.

 [4/6] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 27-Aug-2003 9:41

Hi Bryan, Nice article! Another registry section I had no clue about. Makes me want to go play with some ideas... The only thing that really jumped out at me was "quite maddening can be" instead of "can be quite maddening". Well, I also thought a picture of you smiling might be nice. ;) -- Gregg

 [5/6] from: bry:itnisk at: 27-Aug-2003 21:09

the quite maddening can be was in reference to rebol as a language which for no rational reason sometimes reminds me of someone speaking English, but being used to a language with different grammatical rules. Yeah I thought about smiling when I sent off the article, but by then it was too late. Glad you liked it, about the registry details it's also possible to use DDE from an asynchronous pluggable protocol by using the proper DDE registry settings. Some of the protocols in the registry have examples of this. One of the things I was hoping was that some of the people who are better at rebol than I am, who're also interested in expanding Rebol in Windows, would see this as a possible way of doing it, and come with some cool ideas. Since an Asynchronous Pluggable protocol can be used anywhere that a link can be used that means that one can have a reb:// link in a Microsoft Office document, in an Open Office document, in a shortcut, and in various web technologies that understand linking. Another thing I've been playing with is the possibility of using asynchronous protocols to communicate between different programming environments, in my case between Rebol and Erlang. The syntax I've been using is reb:/// and erl:/// where the space in between the second and the third / can be used as a holder for metadata, for example a link reb://subject=convers3/code follows... sockets might be better for that of course, but the protocol might be a good way to start a conversation between the two environments. Anyway glad that you found parts of the article interesting.

 [6/6] from: bry:itnisk at: 28-Aug-2003 9:55

>sockets might be better for that of course, >but the protocol might be a good way to >start a conversation between the two >environments.
Thinking of erlang sockets in particular when I wrote this - as per the following example of using python and erlang together: