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[REBOL] Problem: Talking from Rebol to Rebol via socket

From: robert:muench:robertmuench at: 22-Feb-2009 8:55

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA384 Hi, to track down my problem with the communication between my DLL and Rebol via sockets I tried to create a Rebol only example. Looks like it has the same problem. Here is my code (much simpler than the DLL code): === Server rebol [] c-port: 12345 listen: open join tcp://: c-port waitports: [listen] print "Listening:" forever [ ; wait until something happens connection: wait waitports if same? connection listen [ print [tab "Connected"] print [tab "Read message from c-side"] c-client: first connection wait c-client print copy c-client print [tab "Send answer to c-side"] insert connection "r-side" print [tab "Closing socket"] close connection ] ] === Client rebol [] connection: open tcp://localhost:12345 insert connection "r-side-client" while [data: copy connection] [prin data] print close connection halt === Program outputs - --- Server Listening: Connected Read message from c-side ** Access Error: Network timeout ** Where: forever ** Near: print copy c-client print [tab "Send answer to c-side"]
- --- Client ** Access Error: Network timeout ** Where: include-script ** Near: data: copy connection
=== Idea & Problem I want to first send a short message from client to server and than receive an answer from the server side. I think I'm somehow missing either - - an "end" marker for the messages or - - a way to tell that the message is "complete" or - - a way to specify how long the message will be I'm sure the fix is quite simple but... I don't get it :-). Any feedback is welcome. Robert -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: PGP Desktop 9.9.1 (Build 287) Charset: iso-8859-15 wsBVAwUBSaEFDnSQa/BbHGLwAQlSsAf/Uya52MvcoV7+I6X/n79ToKBb8CtMGUOv jwSO11P4+cYrKAY+3rjJtQgSUlrz4newJCzZOsysojQlO4LowUSw4sXgmeR4C8VV Dr74N/WFf0Bo40B+80tLpJTkNaTccm8Okf+USVFUIFBkpqJUWTlLf3pN5GAjgIWj vBwJqNkC6NFhVGBr95lCdjRZjhKj3LWVcQPTQvPIooZUPDt2sIiFRf6OApVYnsQr GcUhLZoRbadw3ss49r9kY1fIcyJ6iUU0SZ9/9Fmtoaezxk4kqMNgDPxzBufhdLd9 2gLBV6coxhrGjKIfBkKyCl2jgk4iQxspEYQ6X6/wsSBjAJT7eMjO9g== =kX/q -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----