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[REBOL] Re: A hard question

From: lmecir:mbox:vol:cz at: 7-Feb-2001 20:33

Hi Gabriele, ...
> Does SELECT-PROP really need to handle errors?
... It has to handle all values that can be stored in a series. I think I got it now: soft-func: function [ {Create a "soft return" function} spec [block!] body [block!] ] [thr-on fnc-return] [ spec: copy/deep spec if not string? pick spec 1 [ insert spec "(undocumented)" ] either block? pick spec 2 [ change/only next spec [catch throw] ] [ insert/only next spec [catch throw] ] use [thr fnc] [ thr-on: does [thr: on] fnc-return: func [[throw] fnc-result [any-type!]] [ change/only next third :fnc either thr [[catch throw]] ["Soft"] return get/any 'fnc-result ] use [soft-return] [ soft-return: func [[throw] body-result [any-type!]] [ thr: off return get/any 'body-result ] body: bind/copy body 'soft-return ] fnc: func spec reduce [ :thr-on :fnc-return :body ] body: does third second :fnc change skip second :fnc 2 :body :fnc ] ] select-prop: soft-func [ {Finds a value in the series and returns the value after it.} series [series! port!] value [any-type!] /part "Limits the search to a given length or position." range [number! series! port!] /only "Treats a series value as a single value." /case "Characters are case-sensitive." /any "Enables the * and ? wildcards." /with "Allows custom wildcards." wild [string!] "Specifies alternates for * and ?" /default "The negative result handling" handler [block!] /local path args result1 ] [ path: to path! 'find args: [result1:] append/only args :path append args [:series get/any 'value] if part [ append :path 'part append :args [:range] ] if only [ append :path 'only ] if case [ append :path 'case ] if any [ append :path 'any ] if with [ append :path 'with append/only :args :wild ] do args either system/words/any [ not result1 error? try [ error? set/any 'result1 second :result1 ] ] [ either default [soft-return do handler] [ throw make error! {Cannot select} ] ] [soft-return get/any 'result1] ] ; situation 1: test: does [ select-prop/default [1 a 2 b] 3 [return 4] 5 ] test ; == 4 ; situation 2: print mold disarm select-prop head insert tail copy [1 a 2 b 3] make error! "some-error" 3 make object! [ code: 800 type: 'user id: 'message arg1: "some-error" arg2: none arg3: none near: [print mold disarm select-prop head] where: none ]